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About Australia

Australia’s capital territory is Canberra and its largest city is Sydney. The best period to visit Australia is all around the year! The winters are mild and summers are warm and inviting, there is no particular month or period you should refrain from paying a visit. 

Australia is made up of over 10 ethnic groups who practice multiple religions, ranging from Hinduism, Catholic, Buddhism, Islam etc. Its culture is mainly western, influenced by the  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people but basically derived from the British people who colonized Australia in 1788. English is the major language used by Australians. Other languages used by the citizens include Mandarin, Arabic and Cantonese.

The most efficient way to travel around Australia due to its size is by flying. There are about 197 large airports with numerous links to other smaller airports. The road network is also well maintained and provides for some of the most memorable road trips in the world. Tourists and visitors are advised to be careful of natural hazards and dangerous animals, apart from these Australia is safe and one of its cities - Melbourne, is rated as one of the safest places to live in.  The currency used in Australia is the Australian dollar, another form of payment widely accepted is the use of credit cards.

Australia is home to astonishing landscapes and wildlife reserves. Sydney, the largest city in Australia is known for its beaches, nightlife, entertainment and exciting tours. You should check out the Bondi beach, Sydney harbour bridge, the Art gallery of New South Wales and Sydney Opera House which is Australia’s most famous landmark, it houses performance spaces for dance, theatre, opera and concerts. A spectacular fireworks display lights up Sydney harbour on New years eve and ushers in the “Sydney festival” which showcases international and local artistic talents.

Other cities of interest include Melbourne with its art exhibitions like the Royal Botanic Gardens, National Garden of Victoria, Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building. Brisbane is famous for having a climate Sydney and Melbourne would kill for, its winters are mild enough and afford Brisbanites the ability to participate in outdoor activities all year round! Places to check out in Brisbane include Queensland Cultural Center, Gallery of Modern Art and Museum of Brisbane.

There are numerous places of interest to visit in Australia. Some other attractions include:
  • Lake Hillier: A lake whose pink colour defies all explanation provided by scientists. It maintains its pink colour all year round and even when water from it is put in a bottle.
  • Paronella Park: Jose Paronella’s hand-built castle, a great work of art which has won many tourism awards.
  • Coober Pedy: A mining town in the southern part of Australia where people live underground and play golf with glowing balls at night during summer because of excessively high daytime temperatures.
  • Shell Beach: A beach made entirely of shells instead of sand.

There are over 10,000 hotels to stay at in Australia, that’s a lot to choose from depending on how individual needs align with the offer.