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About Brazil

Brazil is one of the most beautiful places on earth, the largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world both by area and population. The capital of Brazil is Brasilia. The country shares a border with every South American country except for Chile and Ecuador. 

In Brazil, the Pantanal, the Amazon rain forest and the amazon rivers are generally hot and humid. They are wet all year round but there is a drier season between April and September. Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Sao Paulo and Salvador (which are some of Brazil's top tourist sites) are best visited between October and April.

Brazil is about 47.73% white, 43.13% Pardo, 7.61% black, 1.09% Asian, and o.43% Amerindian. It is a predominantly christian nation. The official language in Brazil is Portuguese. Brazil is very famous for its very colourful culture primarily featuring music and dance. Some worldwide known dances originating from Brazil are the Bossa Nova and the Samba. 

Staple foods in Brazil are rice and beans, pasta, red meat or chicken, corn, salad, potatoes. Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee.

Some fascinating locations in Brazil are:
  • Sao Paulo: Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil. It is a typical melting pot of cultures both indigenous to Brazil and not. As a matter of fact, Sao Paulo is home to the biggest Japanese community outside Japan. Sao Paulo is the perfect city to experience the cultures, scents, tastes, and sounds of Brazil.
  • Iguazu Falls: This series of magnificent falls is certainly one of the most appraised tourist sites in Brazil. The falls are breath catching to behold and surrounded by lush rain forest which holds its own appeal.
  • Rio de Janeiro: This is probably the most exciting destinations on earth and is home to the world famous Christ The Redeemer statue. The city features mountains, beaches, endless carnivals which are amongst the largest in the world. The city is located in southeastern Brazil.
  • Salvador: Salvador is an old city of beautiful beaches, a lively culture and one of the world's biggest carnival celebrations. Some of its most popular beaches are Stella Maris, Flamengo, and Porto de Barra.

Despite its natural wonders though, Brazil is most famous for football and its legendary footballers, having won the world cup five times!
There are budget and luxury accommodations in Brazil.