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About Cambodia

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country surrounded by Vietnam to the east and south, Laos to the northeast, Thailand to the west/northwest and the Gulf of Thailand to the west. It has its capital city in Phnom Penh. Cambodians are known to have a warm, rich cultures heavily influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism and dating back to centuries.

Cambodia has a tropical climate with a rainy monsoon season from May to November and a dry season from December to April. Generally, it is best to dress lightly in Cambodia.

Cambodians are known to be warm, friendly, charming people who are very welcoming of visitors. They are 90% Khmer, 5% Vietnamese and 1% Chinese. They speak Khmer, Cham and French. 95% of Cambodians are Theravada Buddhists. In Cambodia it is considered rude to point at things with your feet as the country is a largely Buddhist nation and the feet are believed to be the most unclean part of the body.

Staple foods in Cambodia are rice and fish. There is a general order in which foods are served in Cambodia by which adult males and guests eat first. Those who cooked the food usually eat last. There are generally no food taboos although devout Buddhists refrain from alcohol. Breakfast in Cambodia typically consists of rice porridge or rice noodles. Amok, fish prepared with coconut milk and spices is probably the most famous dish.

Some fascinating locations in Cambodia are:
  • Angkor Wat: This is the world's largest religious monument in the world and the landmark of Cambodia. The huge temple represents Mount Meru, the home of the gods to the Hindus. The structure itself is a spectacle but, catching the breathtaking sunrise from behind the temple is an even bigger one.
  • Cardamon Mountains: The mountains are situated in the heart of the the tropical jungle (southeast's remaining rain forest) it is home to the most fascinatingly rare flora and fauna.
  • Kep National Park: This Park is most famous for its crabs, but you might want to experience nature first hand by taking a walk on an 8 kilometre path through the thick tropical jungle.
  • Banlung: Situated in northern Cambodia, there are several tour companies operating in this site. It is a perfect spot to get up close with nature in its jungle. There are lots of monkeys and other wildlife to be experienced here. Visitors should beware of leeches though.

There is a blind clinic in Cambodia where people go to receive massages from blind people in Cambodia. The clinic was established as a way to employ the blind. Cambodia has the only national flag in the world to have incorporated a building. Cambodians celebrate their own new year in mid April each year and that marks the end of their harvest season.

Accommodation in Cambodia ranges from budget to luxury.