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About Cook Islands

Cook Islands was named after Captain Cook who discovered it in 1710. It is comprised of 15 Islands divided into Northern Cook Islands, Southern Cook Islands, and the "Other Island". The Cook Islands are a perfect spot for adventurers seeking secluded rest in a tropical paradise. The country has its capital in Avarua. Although the Cook Islands are an independent nation they are in free association with New Zealand. Cook Islands is located in Australia. 

It is literally summer all year round in the Cook Islands giving the country a pleasant, sunny climate all year round. It is rainy, more humid, and hottest from December to March after which there is a dry season. The dry season lasts from April to November but tropical storms are common in the country.

The Cook Islands is a mostly christian country and its official language is English. Nevertheless, many Islanders speak Cook Islands Maori and 90% of the Islanders can read and write in both languages. Most of the Islands' culture, music, and dance take roots from Polynesian influences seeing as the Polynesian people settled in the Islands in the 6th Century. More than 90% of Cook Islanders are either full or part descendants of the native Polynesians. The Islanders greatly appreciate "Tivaevae", handmade patchwork quilts.

Of course, the Islanders basically consume fresh sea food like clams, octopus, shrimp, and fish. For meat, Islanders mostly favour lamb or suckling pig. They eat a lot of fresh fruits, especially coconut and drinking coconut water holds a special place in the Cook Islands. There are a wide range of international restaurants scattered about the Islands. One can get Chinese, Continental, Indian, Italian, and Polynesian cuisine in any of the international restaurants.

The Cook Islands boast quite a number of tourist attractions. Some of them are:
  • Rarotonga Island: This island is the best site for diving, being home to majority of the famous diving sites in the Cook Islands. Divers here can sight beautiful coral reefs, eels and reef sharks, hammerheads, turtles, eagle rays, tropical fish and many more. Some diving centres on the island even offer diving courses for newbies.
  • Sir Geoffrey Henry National Culture Centre: This site was founded by Sir Geoffrey, former Prime Minister of the country. It consists of the National Museum, the National Library, the Anthropology Unit, the National Auditorium, Performing Arts, and the National Archives. The Centre is the best place to learn about the colonial past of Cook Islands.
  • Cook Island Christian Church, Rarotonga: The beautiful white coral church building is one of the most famous architectural landmarks of the country. It was founded in 1853 but stills holds services to this day and visitors are welcome to attend.
  • Beachcomber Gallery: Beachcomber Gallery is the best place to discover Cook Island's finest crafts. The gallery exhibits paintings, jewellery, pearls, shell carvings, and other crafts both old and new made by local masters. There are even workshops behind the gallery where visitors can purchase souvenirs.

A fascinating fact about the Cook Islands is that the Cook Islands are the world's second biggest producer of black pearls. Also, a number of blockbuster movies such as "The Other Side of Heaven" and "Another Shore" have been filmed on Cook Islands' Rarotonga.
There are hundreds of hotels in the Cook Islands ensuring that finding adequate accommodation will not present much of a problem at all.