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About Czech Republic

Czech (also known as Czechia) is a landlocked country in the heart of Europe bordered by Germany, Slovakia, Austria, and Poland. The country is divided into two regions; Bohemia is the western region and Moravia is the eastern region. Prague is its capital and biggest city.
Czech is a developed country best known for its splendid architecture which can be witnessed in 2000 something castles and several cathedrals and monasteries. The famous original gypsies also have their home in Czech.

The country has a typically continental climate with long, hot summers and very cold winters. The best time to visit this country is from June to September as it is bristling with activities and festivals by this time owing to the better weather. However, visitors who intend to ski should visit the country between December and March.

The official language in Czech is Czech but natives in the country speak other languages such as Slovak, German, Polish, and Belarusian amongst others. Czechs make up about 64% of the population. Other groups that may be found in Czech are Moravians, Slovaks, and Ukrainians. Czech cuisine is heavy with emphasis on meat and foods like potatoes, dumplings, fats, butter and cream. Czech cuisine also features a lot of soups. Of course, beer (pivo) is their national drink.

Being a developed, aesthetically pleasing country, Czech does have hundreds of places to keep any tourist hooked. A few of these locations are:
  • Castle Karlstejn: This 14th Century Gothic castle was the home of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles IV. The castle is an important historical site which has served as a war fortress, storehouse for treasure, and royal home at different points in history. 
  • Karlovy Vary: This is a hot spring town whose waters were developed into a large spa region centuries ago. As is to be expected of most spa towns, the architecture here is quite grand. Still, the major attraction of the town is its famous waters which are said to cure ailments of all kinds.
  • Prague: Prague is probably the country's biggest attraction. The city is one of the most culturally rich and diverse. It is one of the top ten most visited cities in Europe and alone houses more than a quarter of Czech's attractions.
  • The Clementinum: This is the Czech's National Library and also its largest. It sits in the centre of Prague with resources, designs and, architecture worth visiting for.

It is interesting to know that Czechs, though not the most popular Europeans, hold their own ground in the world of innovation. They invented contact lenses and sugar cubes as well as the word "robot".
There are both budget and luxury hotels in Czech.