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About Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a North American, Carribean country. The country is located on Hispaniola, the first permanent European settlement. It is known for being the perfect resort spot and for having one of the best climates in the Caribbean. Its capital is Santo Domingo. The Dominican Republic must be distinguished from the Commonwealth of Dominica (Dominica) as these are two distinct countries.

The climate in the DR is often described as "the endless summer". The country has a warm, tropical climate all year round that is just perfect for reclining and relaxing on its several beaches. Dominicans dress lightly and employ fabrics like cotton. It is pretty much ok to visit the DR at any time of the year although temperatures drop during winter.

Family, food, and music are the heart of the Dominican Republic. The country's culture is a curious mix of different influences such as European and African. The Spanish culture is core in the Dominican Republic though. The country is mostly populated by "mestizos", people with mixed bloodlines of European (de facto Spanish) and Amerindian ancestry. DR is 73% mestizo, 16% Caucasian and 11% black. The DR is 90% Christian. Its official language is Spanish.

DR's cuisine also features a lot of Spanish, Taino, and African influences. Basic foods here are sauteed onions, fried eggs, fried cheese, avocado and they favour meats and starches over dairy products and vegetables. Some Dominican foods are Chicharron, yuca, casabe, pastelitos (empanadas), yams, etc.

Being a beautiful Carribean country, The Dominican Republic has a lot of beautiful resort and relaxation locations. Some lovely places to be are:
  • Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial: This beautiful city offers many historical sites surviving from the colonial era such as ancient architecture now housing restaurants, shops, and hotels. The old colonial homes can also be found in this city.
  • Punta Cana: This is a splendid resort destination where the white sands of the endless beach are blinding and the clear blue waters are hypnotizing. The beach here is bursting with activity and there are choice restaurants on the beach.
  • Whale Watching in Samana Bay: From December through to March, thousands of humpback whales enter the waters of Samana Bay to mate. These whales of Samana Bay are a huge and most fascinating tourist attraction.
  • Las Terrenas: If you are looking to enjoy the comforts of the city but with an easy escape route for relaxation- a beach destination, Las Terrenas is the ideal spot. This busy Dominican city has a laid back beachfront where one can always take a break from city life to relax whilst still being in the city.
  • Jarabacoa: Because of this city's tropical climate, it is called "the city of everlasting spring". Against its scenic beauty it features mountains, pools, and waterfalls.

The country's main exports are cocoa, coffee, bauxite, meats, nickel, silver, sugar, and tobacco. There are two beautiful precious stones that can only be found in the Dominican Republic; Amber and Larimar.

Hotel accommodation in the Dominican Republic ranges from budget to luxury.