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About Ecuador

The capital city of Ecuador is Quito. It is a country located in northwestern South America bordered by Colombia to the north, Peru to the south and east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Ecuador is home to an array of beauties including the Amazonian forest, the Andes peaks and colonial towns. It is one of the most topographically diverse countries in the world and has an amazing biodiversity.

The climate varies largely, determined by altitude. The northernmost part of the country is hot and humid all year round. The coastal lowlands in the western part are typically warm and the weather in Quito is the same as a subtropical highland climate.

It is a predominantly Roman Catholic country but there are other Christian faiths practiced. Traditional beliefs are also practiced and there is a small Jewish population in the country. Ecuadorian culture includes a mix of European colonial influences with indigenous practices. The country enjoys an incredibly diverse population

The largest ethnic group is that of the Mestizos, a people of mixed Amerindian and Spanish descent. They make up sixty five percent of the population. There are several other ethnic groups such as the Shuar, the partly African, Kichwas, wholly European, wholly Amerindian, and Montubio. Spanish is the official language in Ecuador. Other widely spoken indigenous languages include the Shuar and Quechua. 

Ecuadorian cuisine is diverse, varying with altitude and agricultural conditions. Seafood, beef and chicken are popular in the coastal regions and are served with rice, plantain, or pasta. Whereas in the mountainous regions, beef, guinea pig, pork and chicken are popular and are served with corn, potatoes or rice. Some examples of Ecuadorian cuisine include seco de chivo, patacones, and ilaping achos. Fruits like tree tomatoes, banana, uvilla and taxo are also eaten.
Ecuador is a beautiful and picturesque country that boasts many tourist attractions. Some of them are:
  • Galapagos Islands: They are a group of volcanic Islands in the Pacific Ocean. They are known for their unique ecosystem which was the inspiration behind Charles Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection. They boast pristine white beaches and a natural habitat for different animal species. 
  • Montanita: It is located in the southern coastal region which boasts world famous resorts and scenic shorelines. It is also known for its nightlife.
  • Otavalo market: It is known for its world-famous crafts. There's no better place to purchase handcrafted wood works in the country. 
  • La Compania de Jesus: Situated in the heart of Quito, La Iglesia de la compañía de Jesús is the best known of Quito's cathedrals. The use of gold leaves throughout the central nave of the church is a sight worth seeing. 

An interesting fact about Ecuador is that the Panama hat actually originated from Ecuador and not Panama. 
There are hundreds of hotels all around the country so getting an accommodations won't be a problem.