Kuriftu Resorts Afar

Semera, Ethiopia, SemeraAfar

Kuriftu Resorts Afar desc
Kuriftu Resorts Afar
Kuriftu Resorts Afar
Kuriftu Resorts Afar
Kuriftu Resorts Afar

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24 hour Front Desk

Room Service

Air Conditioning

star check

Electric hairdryer in all rooms.

star check

Hot and cold showers all day

star check

On site restaurant serving local cuisines.

Your new gateway to Afar.
This luxury resort in the tranquil Afar region will be your new gateway to Eastern Ethiopia.
Within driving distance of attractions, such as, Allolobad, Dalol, & Ert Ale, this property will be your ideal starting point for a desert adventure. Kuriftu Resorts Afar is a top-class hotel in Semera, Afar.
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