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About Fiji

The Republic of Fiji is an archipelago in the Southern Pacific Ocean. It is situated on the continent of Oceania. The nation comprises of about 332 islands and 540 islets scattered over about 3,000,000 square kilometers. More than half of this country is forested making it a quintessential tropical Paradise. Its capital is Suva.

The country has a tropical climate  with June to October being the coldest and driest months. It experiences its greatest rainfall in all districts from November to March during which time hurricanes are experienced about once in every couple of years.

Fijians are known to be very friendly people who are generally very enthused when calling out "Bula!" which means "hello" in Fijian. About 57.3% of Fiji's population is Fijian. The rest is made up of Indians (37.6%) and people of other cultures. The official languages in Fiji are Fijian, English, and Hindustani. The country is 64.5% Christian, 27.9% Hindustan, and 6.3% Muslim. Fiji has some very important customs which visitors must be careful to respect. For instance, you should not wear a hat in a village as it is considered an insult to the village chief. Also, you should not touch someone's head or wear shoes when visiting someone's house.

The Fijian cuisine is diverse with influences from Indian cuisine and spices. It features quite a lot of tropical fruits, vegetables, and proteins such as fish and wild pork. Fijians still employ a traditional way of cooking their meals which is the use of lovo pits (underground ovens). They bury their food under hot coals and cover with palm fronds or banana leaves. Their national drink is kava or yagona which is made from the powdered root of a medicinal plant mixed with water in the traditional bowl (tamoa).

Her major exports are sugar and tourism. The country has such a laid back, fun, relaxed, adventurous pace that dubbing it Fun In Jungle Island (which is also an acronym for Fiji) is all the rage now.

Some great tourist locations to visit in Fiji are:
  • Blue Lagoon Cruise, Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands: These 68 passenger cruises are best if you want to experience several exotic islands. On the cruise, there are activities such as snorkeling, swimming, diving, picnics on islands, fishing, visiting local villages and attractions, etc.
  • Bouma National Heritage Park, Tavani Island: This Park is about 150 square kilometers of rain forest. It is a top notch site for exploring, hiking, snorkeling, and you can stop for swims at the several waterfalls.
  • Beqa Lagoon, Viti Levu: This particular site and activity is not for the faint of heart but for avid adventure seekers. In these waters live bull sharks, black tip reef sharks, tiger sharks, white tip sharks. You may choose to dive in and have a face to face encounter with the sharks after stringent safety measures have been put in place.
  • Garden of the Sleeping Giant and Sabeto Hot Springs, Viti Levu: These gorgeous gardens are a botanist's dream. They feature over 2,000 species of orchids and a tranquil lily pond that houses tadpoles and frogs. There are also swings and hammocks placed at strategic spots inviting you to enjoy the natural pleasures.

There are several other lovely places to explore in Fiji. The people also have quite a past. For instance, Fijians were once proud cannibals before Christianity gained the upper hand. In several museums, souvenirs from their brutal past are on display. Almost half of Fiji's entire landmass is forestation.

There are luxury hotels on the beaches and budget hostels for backpackers in Fiji