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About New Zealand

New Zealand gained her independence from the British in 1947. Queen Elizabeth II is the country’s Head of State 

Maori, English, and the NZ sign language are the three languages spoken in the country with English being very dominant. Education is compulsory for children from ages 6-16 years.

New Zealand is a developed country with the service sector taking the lead in the country’s economy. The industrial and agricultural sector also contributes greatly to the economy. Tourism is another source of revenue.

In the country, rainfall is normally distributed evenly to different cities. Snowfall in the country is from early June to early October. The coldest month in the country is July while the warmest is January and February.

Owning a private car in New Zealand is common as it is a predominant mode of transportation. There are bus services as well as trains and airplanes. The country has six international airports as most visitors arrive via air.

Christianity is the main religion in the country. About 42% of the population are not affiliated with any religious group. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Sikhism are other religions practiced in the country.

New Zealand cuisine is a blend of the Maori culture, New American dishes, Asian dishes etc. They have resulted to European eating habits that can make them suffer diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity. There are some common foods like potatoes, butter, chicken, mutton, sugar, burger, pies, salmon, crayfish etc.

There are so many exciting places to visit in the country and a few of them are listed below;
  • Abel Tasman National Park: This Park is a very nice area for hiking. It is a home to the famous Abel Tasman coast tracks. The beautiful blue waters surrounding it is good for kayaking and you might spot some Dolphins in the water too.
  • The Bay of Islands: This Bay of Islands is a home to other interesting places like Cape Brett, The Poor Knights Island. Russell town etc. There is also an abundance of Marine life in the waters.
  • Mount Maunganul: This is a home to the country’s popular beaches. Here, you can climb the top of the Mountain. It is a wonderful place to have a fun time.                                                                                                                                                                                                 The country recorded about 2.8 million visitors in 2014. When you travel to New Zealand for holidays, there are about 1,719 hotels around the country for you to stay in.