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About Nigeria

Nigeria which has its capital city in Abuja has 687 inbound flights with 3.5 million yearly passengers. The peak travel time for visitors coming into Nigeria is November - December as it marks the beginning of the dry season - one of the only climate seasons in Nigeria, the other being wet season - and there are a lot more shows and happening around the country, especially in Lagos, its former capital city. Nigeria is home to 250 ethnic groups and has a rich and diverse culture with many foods and different religions. Its most popular foods are rice, pounded yam, oily vegetable soups, and the country is predominantly split between the Christian majority in the South and Muslim majority in the North. English is the official language in Nigeria, but you will often hear the locals speaking pidgin English, Yoruba, and Igbo.

Nigeria has 13 local airports, and the fastest way to move about the country is through airplanes because of how wide the country is, and the roads and trains are not in good shape. For intra-city travel, there are a lot of public buses and taxis for transport. For travelers coming into Nigeria, it is advised that they avoid many cities in the North and South of Nigeria. The safest cities to visit are those in the West including Lagos, Abuja, and Ibadan, home to the Yoruba people.

Nigeria is rich in natural sights and wildlife reserves. Lagos, its most populous city, is the commercial hub of the country and home to sandy beaches, bustling markets, and great restaurants. If you are ever in Lagos, you should attend the Lagos festival, Felabration, Afropolitan vibes, and Eyo festival, a festival of masqueraded white-costumed men dancing across the streets of Lagos. You can venture into other cities in the West of Nigeria to experience the Ojude Oba festival in Ogun and the Osun festival in Osun. Or explore Calabar in December, which has one of the most colorful festivals in Nigeria. While in Nigeria, you should visit Abuja which has the most advanced road infrastructure in the country and a modern skyline, Abuja is a state unlike any other in the country.

There are over 5,000 places of interest to visit across Nigeria. Some of the most fascinating attractions to visit in Nigeria include:

  • Lekki Conservation center: A rainforest with canopy walks where you can spot wild animals and admire beautiful gardens.
  • Osun Osogbo grove: A sacred rainforest grove with artistic carvings and sculptures dating 300+ years).
  • Olumo rock: A mysterious rock that sheltered many Yoruba people during wars.
  • Yankari Game Reserve: A naturally occurring reserve with clear springs, beautiful green land, and a safari.
  • Kajuru castle: A medieval-styled German castle with luxury bedrooms, pools, and sauna that make for a perfect weekend getaway.

There are over 10,000 hotels and apartments to stay in Nigeria so you will be spoiled for choice especially when in Lagos.