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About Portugal

Portugal is a developed country and as such, has a stable economy. Different sectors influence the country’s economy like the agricultural sector, automobile industries, electronics, textile industries, manufacturing of chemicals, cement, wood pulp, the banking sector, tourism etc. the country is also blessed with mineral resources like copper, tin, and uranium.
Portuguese is the official language of the country. Mirandese is also a recognized language spoken in Portugal. There is also a high proficiency in English in the country. The literacy level in Portugal is over 90%. Primary and secondary education is compulsory for children.
Christian religion dominates in the country as about 85% of the population are Christians. 81% are Roman Catholics while 3.5% are Protestants. 7% do not practice any religion while about 8.5% are undeclared. Other religious groups make up about 0.6% of the population.

In Portugal, the cuisine is diverse. There are two popular fish recipes in the country; grilled sardines and caldeirada, a potato-based stew that can be made from several types of fish. Pastries are very popular and there are also good restaurants across the country. Portuguese wines have been recognizes internationally and has won several awards for its good quality.

Football is no doubt the most popular sport as the country has produced world recognized players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo etc. Also popular football managers like Jose Mourinho and Fernando Santos come from Portugal. Rugby, hockey, baseball, handball, and volleyball are other sporting activities in the country.

Portugal has a very developed transportation system with very efficient motorways, subways, airports, railway lines, and waterways. Portugal’s Tagus Vasco Da Gama bridge is the longest bridge in Europe.

The weather in Portugal is one of the warmest in Europe. During winter, snowfall occurs regularly from October till May although it is somewhat rare in the southern part of the country. Summer is usually very warm and temperature ranges from 18°C (64.4°F) to about 23 °C (73.4 °F). The best time to visit the country is from March to May or September to October.

There are beautiful places in Portugal and very nice tourist attractions some of which are;
  • Oceanário de Lisboa, Lisbon: This is Portugal's most popular tourist attraction. This is one of Europe's best and largest oceanariums that exposes the beautiful marine creatures and array of fishes. It is a must visit when one is in the country.
  • Kayaking the Lisbon Coast: Lisbon's proximity to the ocean allows for a wide range of exciting water sports like kayaking and discovering beaches and bays. It is an exciting place to enjoy your holiday.
  • Torre de Belém, Lisbon: The Torre de Belém is a symbol of the Age of Discovery. It was completed in 1521. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Portugal is the 20th most visited country in the world. The country records about 20,000,000 visitors annually of which Lisbon gets about 4.5 million visitors.

There are a variety of hotels and apartment  in the country to provide you with comfort when you come visiting.