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About Samoa

The country comprises two main islands – Upolu, which houses the capital, Apia; and Savaii. The country has a population of about 200,000 and Samoan and English are the official languages.

Samoa has a hot and humid weather. The wet season is from October to March, with January being the wettest. The dry season is between May and September, and the temperature is slightly cooler.

Lightweight clothing is advised as the weather is hot and humid all year. A raincoat is also recommended and a sweater may come in handy on cool evenings. Samoa has a very conservative culture, and clothing showing much skin is frowned upon. Swimwear is only appropriate for the beach.

You can visit Samoa all year round as it experiences a great amount of sunshine yearly. However, due to lower rainfall in the dry season, this period may be preferred.

Transportation is cheap in Samoa, and there’s bus service on the two main islands. Taxis are also available and you can also drive yourself by hiring a car from one of the local car rentals. There are short flights and ferries between Savaii and Upolu.

There are a plethora of dining places in Samoa that serve both local and international cuisine. Make sure to try Palusami, a dessert made from coconut and taro.

Samoans are proud of their culture and traditional ways are still prevalent. There is a range of festivals and events that showcase Samoan culture and heritage, some of them are:

  • Apia Arts and Crafts Festival, here you can get some souvenirs of Samoan traditional handicrafts.
  • Samoa International Game Fishing Tournament.
  • Fautasi Outrigger Canoe, a big sporting event featuring a water race.
  • Tafesilafa’i Festival, a celebration of Pacific Island culture.
  • Teuila Festival, you can learn about Samoan culture and heritage at the Teuila Festival.
  • Apia Jazz Festival, featuring performances from acclaimed jazz musicians

Samoa’s natural beauty engages travellers. It has spectacular destinations perfect for hiking; diving spots and breath-taking beaches and waters great for fishing. There are also a number of golf courses on the islands of Samoa.

There lots of places to see and things to do in Samoa. Some interesting places are:

  • Tafua Peninsula Rainforest Reserve: a natural rainforest on the island of Ulopu, it is popular among bird lover and it is home to the Tafua Crater. Carry along binoculars when visiting here.
  • Dwarves Cave: a mysterious cave in the village of Paia. It is named after a clan of people who are said to still live inside. You can explore the cave with a guide.
  • Alofaaga Blowholes: volcanic plug holes that expel water at high speed and power.
  • Falealupo Rainforest Preserve: a rainforest preserve that features a treetop canopy walk.
  • Lake Lanoto’o National Park: a swampland filled with wildlife.
  • Le Pupu-Pui National Park: has some fantastic hiking trails including the highest point on the island, Mt. Fito. It also features a beautiful waterfall – Togitogiga Falls.
  • Papapapai-Tai Falls: a breath-taking landscape with astonishing views. You can enjoy a swim near the waterfall.
Samoa has a lot of resorts where you’ll enjoy views of the most beautiful landscapes. There are also a plethora of comfortable hotels in the country.