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Why Study in Germany

Germany has over 195 Universities, and takes in 250,000 international students every year. Germany offers degrees in many programs and it is a top spot for masters in engineering, computer science, economics, and science related subjects. Reasons to study in Germany.

  • Tuition in many German Universities is free
  • You can travel Europe on a student visa
  • Germany is one of a few countries that allow International students to work
  • Many German Universities offer programs in English
  • Germany has one of the most advanced welfare system in the world
  • Germany allows you stay behind after your degree is completed

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An invite to the Slack community for MSc Applicants. You will interact with hundreds of applicants sharing insider secrets on moving to Germany.

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We sort through hundreds of courses in 195 schools to find the best program for you.


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Eligibility Check

Regardless of your degree or financials, we will find you the schools that are easiest for you to gain admission.

Securing your Admission

We help you get all the documents you need to complete a successful application.

Student Visa

We give detailed tips on how to get your student visa approved by the German embassy.

Get guided assistance from experts in our community

Going abroad to study requires a lot of time to research the schools you are qualified to enter, courses to take, documents to submit, and a lot of paper work. This means all your weekends are gone and you tie down your time in unnecessary research.

The process is stressful and discouraging. We want more people to be less discouraged and take the jump to enjoy a Masters in Germany and enjoy the rich culture of the German people.

Germany is one of the best places to study and for $9 a month, we think it is well worth it to let us solve your admission problems. We have helped 100s of people successfully apply to Germany, so we have an answer for every question you have and a solution for every obstacle you might face.

Give us a try. We will refund you if you do not like all the time we saved you by helping you apply to schools in Germany.

Over 500 people are applying for a Masters Degree in Germany with us. Join them

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Over 500 people have benefited from our Germany University Admission community

We are helping people build their future by removing the 100s of hours needed to research and apply to schools in Germany and connecting people with opportunities that are not available anywhere else.

Promise Udah

“The rare opportunity to be a part of this channel is enough testimony for me and the opportunity given to me to be able to study in Germany is a life-changing opportunity. Thank you, Timbu Admission”


“This group has helped me get access to so many information and also made me know that getting an admission is possible. Never knew it was this easy. Thank you, Timbu Admission”

Daniel Joshua

“Thing is I've been working on schooling abroad for few years now, on and off, and I always give up along the way. I'm grateful to this community. Now the process seems easy and it's because of you, your prompt assistance and immense help. Thank you, Timbu Admission.”

Over 500 people are applying for a Masters in Germany with us. Join them

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