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About United Kingdom

Great Britain is an island nation with its capital and largest city in London. The ideal time to visit Great Britain is during the spring season when the temperature is mild and the city’s parks are green and blooming. While fall and winter can be especially rainy here, the summers are usually muggy.  The ethnic groups are a mix of Whites, Asians, Blacks and mixed origins. Christianity is the predominant religion here, followed with the Muslims, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist and Sikh. Its popular foods are English breakfast, salt beef bagel, pork pie, fish and chips. English is the official language spoken here while other languages spoken by the locals are Scots, Ulster Scots, Welsh, Cornish, Scottish Gaelic and Irish.

Great Britain is a relatively small country and very well connected, traveling by train is a great way to see the major cities or small towns. You can also use buses, trams, motorcycles and taxis for getting around the cities. Great Britain is a safe travel destination and the crime rate is low. However, in London and other cities with a lot of bars and nightclubs can be dangerous at night.

Festivals and events in Great Britain are a great way to experience and dive into the country's rich history and contemporary culture. Some of the fascinating festivals and events you can attend include : Burn’s night for whenever you are visiting Scotland. It is a celebration of Robbie Burns, a celebrated Scottish poet, there would be a special dinner, men wear kilts and people listen to traditional bagpipe music, dance, read Burn’s poetry and share a meal of haggis. There is also the London Fashion week and Bonfire Night in Lewes. You should experience the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, Liverpool Food and Drink Festival and Green Man Festival.

Great Britain is a wonderful tourist destination, from its world class museums, monuments, historic cities,contemporary nightlife, gentle countryside to epic national parks, there are definitely lots to see and discover here. Some of these fascinating attractions include:

  • National Museum of Scotland: you can explore culture and natural history across the globe here. Its Grand Gallery makes a thrilling first impression  and you could spend days exploring the collection.

  • Museum of London: this museum holds a lot of British history, with legendary exhibitions showing London through the ages, from prehistory through to modern times. You can admire the stunning beauty of this architectural masterpiece and if you want to know more about the British Empire and how it became the great city that it is today, the Museum of London is a must visit.

  • National Gallery: this is one of the unique and popular attractions in Great Britain where art is showcased at its finest. You will find collections from famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Claude Monet, and Michelangelo or attend the exhibitions of other famous artists.

  • The London Eye: this is a gigantic Ferris wheel located on the south bank of the River Thames. It’s recorded as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel and is really beautiful at night when it comes alive with bright neon colours. Tourists are usually entertained with a glass of royal champagne as they enjoy their ride, which gives you a stunning 360° view of London.

  • Chester Zoo: this zoo houses the largest Orangutan exhibit in Europe and the most extensive zoo-based butterfly house in the UK. It is also home to 11,000 animals including some of the world's most endangered species.

There are over 10,000 hotels and apartments to stay in Great Britain, so you will be spoiled for choice especially when in London.