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About United States Of America

The capital of America is Washington, D.C. Yearly, America has up to 7,636 inbound flights. The peak travel time for visitors is October-December where there would be celebrations such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all happen during this winter period – one of the four other climates in America; summer, autumn and fall are the others.

America is home to several racial and ethnic diversification. Races commonly found in the United States are Whites, Black Americans, Jews, Hispanics. Each race living and interacting effectively with one another. America is home to some of the greatest Burgers ever. Mc Donalds, Papa John, Wendy’s and Burger King all serve mouthwatering variations of burgers – you can’t claim to have visited America if you haven’t tried one.

English language is the only(major) language spoken in the United States of America, although there are distinctions in the accent which cues in where someone is from. The Texas accent which is referred to as “country” is quite different from how a New Yorker will sound.
America has one of the busiest airports in the world, with Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport as the largest in the country. The fastest way around the country is through aeroplanes due to the large land mass. Trains and subways are effective means of moving within cities.

For travellers coming to America, the city of New York (commonly called the Big Apple) can be overwhelming. It is the largest city in the world and navigation within the city can be a hassle. The best cities to live in to get the truly American experience are Austin Texas, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Denver, Colorado and Des Moines, Iowa.

America is home to some of the best tourist centres in the world. They include;

- Grand Canyon: An incredible natural attraction in Colorado. It is carved off by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon cuts deep into the landscape, creating dramatic cliff walls and ledges which is a beautiful sight to behold for visitors.
- Niagra Falls: A waterfall situated in the US-Canada border. The waterfall is one of the most famous in the world and is known for the great quantity of water that is always constantly tumbling over the vertical drop.
- Statue of Liberty: The great monument that symbolizes freedom. It is the largest statue in the world found in the New York Harbour.

There are over 10,000 hotels in America, Airbnb is also an option, so there is not a lack of accommodation when visiting America