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About Vietnam

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country bordered by countries such as China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. Its capital city is Hanoi whilst its most populous city is Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam is a huge country worth paying attention to because if it's diverse culture, ancient history, and natural landscapes.

The climate in Vietnam is best understood when split by region. Hanoi and the North experience heat, humidity and high rainfall from May to October whilst from November to April, it is cooler and dry. In the far north, December and January are usually cold. Southern Vietnam is dry and hot from November to April then warm and wet between May and October. The highest rainfall in this region is in June, July, and August. Central Vietnam is hot and dry between January and August whilst high levels of rainfall occur in September, October and November.

The Vietnamese culture is a complex adaptation of Chinese, French, Japanese and American colonial influences. However, though inspired by the foreign influences, the Vietnamese have managed to maintain their basic and distinctive cultural features such as ancestor worship. The country has 54 ethnic groups, the largest of which are the Kinh people. Each people have their own beliefs, culture and cuisine, lending the country the beauty of cultural diversity. 

As regards religion, the Vietnamese have the Triple Religion (tam giao) which is a combination of Mahayana Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taonism. However, despite being a communist state, the Vietnamese constitution provides for freedom if religion. Vietnam's national and official language is Vietnamese

Boiled rice is the most popular food in Vietnam followed by noodles. Their cuisine has been known to employ a balance of the five Asian elements; spicy, bitter, sweet, sour, and salty. Common ingredients in Vietnamese foods are fish sauce, soy sauce, shrimp paste, bean sauce, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. Traditional Vietnamese cuisine employs minimal usage of dairy and oil. It is considered among the healthiest cuisines in the world. The Vietnamese favor snake wine, pickled snake in rice wine that is drunk for health, vitality, and restorative purposes.

Vietnam is known for its natural beauty and scenic tourist attractions. Some of these attractions are:
  • Con Dao Islands: This group of 16 islands has a dark history as under the French rule, they were holding places for thousands of prisoners of war. However now, their purpose could not be more different. Visitors come here to bask on the beautiful beaches, scuba dive and snorkel. However, one can still explore the past of the island.
  • Marble Mountains: These are five picturesque mountains named after the five elements of water, fire, wind, earth and wood. Apart from their outward appeal though is the fact that they house several caves which were used as sanctuaries and hospitals during the Vietnam as well as Buddhist sanctuaries.
  • Hang Son Doing Cave: This cave is one of the largest caves in the world and the largest in Vietnam. It is ethereal with beautiful pools and lush greenery lining its walls. The sunlight breaking through its roof and into the cave is indeed a thing of beauty. Visitors can camp in this cave dozens at a time. The cave is over 3 million years  old.
  • Hang Nga's Guesthouse in Da Lat: This is known to many travelers as Crazy House. It boasts a most unusual and fascinating architecture as it is a guesthouse that looks like a tree. with branches twisting out of windows and sculpted animals that serve as furniture. The guesthouse accepts visitors to stay, so it is a most interesting place to discover. 

An interesting fact about the country is that the body of its first president, Ho Chi Minh was embalmed and remains on display in a mausoleum. Also, Vietnam has a literacy level of 94%.
There are thousands of hotels in Vietnam and so finding accommodation for visitors is not much of a feat at all.