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Norway is a famous destination for travelers who love or want to try out fishing, hiking, and skiing. Lillehammer’s Olympic resort is the prime destination for these activities. Included in the country are mountains, glaciers, and coastal fjords. There are preserved ancient Viking ships in the museums in the country. You can visit any to learn about the Vikings.

The time with the most visit from tourists is between the months of May and August. More than half of the total number of tourists visit during this period.

During the period from 15 April to 15 September, campfires in or near the forest are strictly prohibited. If you like to sleep outdoors under the stars, you may put up a tent anywhere in the countryside, forest or mountain as long as you are 150 meters away from the nearest inhabited house. If you may wish to stay in the same place for more than two nights, you need to seek permission from the landowner.

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