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Kate Oritsejafor

My friends and I wanted a magical reunion party in the Island country of Cyprus. After several failed attempts at submitting an application for the visas, we decided to seek external help. A search on Google led to our being connected with this travel agency. They assisted with the entire process in Lagos and we never had to leave Abuja for any reason. Our passports were couriered back to us with the visas on them! I never met their representative in person but she was so gracious and the company is so genuine and transparent. It was so easy to transact safely with them and still get results! I'd recommend them to anyone!

Kate Oritsejafor
Maria Abraham

Our trip to Paris was like a dream come true for me and my daughter as we have always wished to travel to famous places together. Thanks to the very professional assistance we received with our visa applications; we were able to obtain our schengen visas with ease. I look forward to planning another vacation with you.

Maria Abraham
Matthew Nesiayali

Excellent Customer service is one of the things that has endeared me to this organization. From the professional manner my request was handled to the VIP submission I was treated with; everything was just made so simple and efficient. I had previously been sceptical about using a visa agent until I came across the Timbu Visa Team, and I'm so glad I took the leap of faith. Because of you, I'm a graduate and alumni at the Rome Business School! Thank you Timbu.

Matthew Nesiayali
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