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Visa free countries for Brazilian passport holders

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Countries that require a visa for Brazilians

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General Visa Requirement & Things to know before you travel

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Valid travel passport.
Visa application form.
Visa fee.
Evidence of permission to be in that country.
Photocopy of passport data page.
Financial proof, original bank statement.
Letter of invitations.

Schengen visa for Brazilians

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On your arrival in Brazil, you can immediately feel what you have been hearing about Brazilians and their love for soccer, but tourism in Brazil is much more than that. The most popular tourist areas in Brazil are natural areas which offer a combination of leisure and recreation. The Amazon Rainforest is the most visited natural wonder in the whole of Brazil. It holds more than half of the world’s remaining rainforest. The Rainforest houses about 2.5 million insect species, over 40,000 plant species, 2200 fish species and more than 2,000 types of birds and mammals. Other Atlantic Forest, Campos Gerais, Pantanal, and waterfalls. There is a plethora of beaches that tourists can visit to cool-off and a number of festivals to keep their feet and body moving all through their stay. Brazil is also known to be a popular destination to engage in business activities. The country has one of the 7 Wonders of the World, the Christ the Redeemer statue.
Brazil is the main destination in South America and second in Latin America. In 2015, the number of tourist visit exceeded 6 million and this contributed to about $5.8 billion to the economy, continuing a recovery trend from the 2008-2009 economic crisis. An all-time high of 5.4 million visitors and $6.8 billion were attained in 2011.
Citizens of Armenia, Austria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom can stay in the country for up to 90 days without a visa. Venezuelans can also visit the country for 60 days without a visa.

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