Travel and Visa Requirements for Egyptians

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Countries that require a visa for Egyptians

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Valid travel passport.
Visa application form.
Visa fee.
Evidence of permission to be in that country.
Photocopy of passport data page.
Financial proof, original bank statement.
Letter of invitations.

Schengen visa for Egyptians

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Egypt is a country which is very rich in history and culture. Egypt is known to have a lot of pyramids with most of them being tombs for the Egyptian pharaohs. The pyramids found at Giza are considered to be the most popular pyramids in Egypt. The largest pyramid is the ‘Pyramid of Khufu’ at Giza, it is the only one of the seven wonders of the world which still exists. Tourists in the country can visit museums to see ancient Egyptian antiquities or take a ride through the safari on a camel’s back or a jeep. Whatever you want to do during your time in Egypt, it definitely is great fun.
The tourism industry in Egypt is a leading aspect to the economic growth in Egypt. In 2010, Egypt played host to 14.7 million tourists and contributed more than 11%of the country’s GDP. From then on, the number of tourist visits in the country has been on the rise and it is expected to keep rising for the foreseeable future.
Travelers into Egypt are not allowed to enter or leave Egypt with more than $10,000 or its equivalent in any currency. People caught in any homosexual act are subject to 10 years imprisonment. Avoid drinking alcohol in public places, you could be arrested if seen doing so. The Egyptian government is not against the practice of Christianity but trying to convert someone to the Christian faith is illegal.

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