Travel and Visa Requirements for Central Africans

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Visa free countries for Central African passport holders

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Countries that require a visa for Central Africans

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General Visa Requirement & Things to know before you travel

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Valid travel passport.
Visa application form.
Visa fee.
Evidence of permission to be in that country.
Photocopy of passport data page.
Financial proof, original bank statement.
Letter of invitations.

Schengen visa for Central Africans

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Tourists that visit the Central African Republic are usually attracted to the Chutes De Boali, a waterfall of 50m. Travelers can appreciate the wildlife in the country by visiting Dzanga-Sangha National Park which has gorillas and elephants. Other activities that can be carried out at the national park include Lowland Gorilla Trekking, Boating Safaris, and famous Dzanga Bai.
Over the last decade, the number of tourist visa has been on the rise. An average of 157,000 tourists visits the Central African Republic yearly.

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