Travel and Visa Requirements for Liberians

Visa required and visa free countries listed

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Visa free countries for Liberian passport holders

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Countries that require a visa for Liberians

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General Visa Requirement & Things to know before you travel

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Valid travel passport.
Visa application form.
Visa fee.
Evidence of permission to be in that country.
Photocopy of passport data page.
Financial proof, original bank statement.
Letter of invitations.

Schengen visa for Liberians

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Tourists who choose to visit Liberia choose to do so to visit the palm-lined beaches and the museums. The museums in Liberia exhibits the rich national culture and history of Liberia and Liberians.
Liberia is an English-speaking country so you do not need to try to learn any local language for your visit to the country. The country has Africa’s cleanest city and is one of the countries with the least number of smokers. Liberian airlines are banned from Europe because they do not meet safety regulations and standards.

Visa information for other Nationals

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