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How do I get from Accra to Ahafo Ano North?

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Buses from Accra to Ahafo Ano North

Ahafo Ano North, Ghana

The Republic of Ghana is located along the Gulf Guinea and Atlantic Ocean in West Africa. It was formerly a British colony called the Gold Coast and is known for its invaluable relics from the colonial and slave trade days. Its capital city is Accra.
Some of Ghana's most important historical attractions are the colonial trading forts that exist till this day along the Atlantic coast, standing testament to the inhumanities of the transatlantic slave trade.

Ghana is very close to the equator and as such has a very tropical climate. It has two seasons rather than four; one wet and one dry. Ghana's coastal regions have two rainy seasons, one beginning in March and peaking in May or June, the other in September/October. It is best to visit Ghana in July and August when there tends to be less rain. It is pretty hot on most days in Ghana and therefore, it is best to wear light clothing. Most Ghanians wear western clothes.

Indigenous Ghanians make up at least 85% of Ghana's population. Akans make up 45.3% of the population, Mole-Dagbons 15.2%, Ewe 11.7%, Ga-Dangme 7.3%, etc. Ghana's major language is English and African languages such as Twi, Akan, and Ewe are spoken as well. The traditional cloth of Ghanians is very bright and beautiful and is called "kente" cloth.

Staple foods in Ghana include cassava, plantain, yam, maize, beans, sweet potatoes, coco yam, millet, and sorghum. Popular foods in Ghana are Banku (made with maize), Kenkey (made with maize), jollof rice, angwa mo (rice), Fufuo (made with cassava), Gari (made with cassava), etc.

Some tourist locations in Ghana are:
  • Cape Coast Castle: One of the largest amongst the forts and castles lining the country's Atlantic Coast, this castle served as an important holding station for slaves who were to be transported to the Americas. Now, it is a museum brimming with information about Ghana's history and local culture. It is a very important historical site to witness firsthand the evils the country has withstood.
  • Accra: Accra is the cosmopolitan capital of  Ghana. The city embodies the rich history and legacies of the Ashanti Kingdom, colonialism and slave trade. All this is perfected blended with its urban sights and modern day buzz. The city has several beaches to be visited and is generally a beautiful place to visit.
  • Kakum National Park: This tropical rainforest in southern Ghana is home to over 38 mammal species. It features a canopy walkway that provides a spectacular views of the plants and flora in the forest. There are elephants, forest buffalo and many more animals as well as about 250 different bird species.
  • Mole National Park: This is the country's largest wildlife park. It offers an incredible safari experience of animals such as buffalo, rare antelopes, elephants, hyenas, leopards and more recently, lions. You may also opt for a game drive accompanied by an armed guide.

Ghana was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence. It has also been ranked as Africa's most peaceful country by the Global Index. It has the largest market in Africa called the Kejetia market located in Kumasi.