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How do I get from Tunduma to Dodoma?

If you want to take a bus from Tunduma to Dodoma, you’ll look at ticket prices starting from $15.68, with the shortest trip duration being 7h 45m. Use our bus search to find the perfect bus from Paris to London and pick amongst the offers of SHABIBY LINE . Just click "Find Now" and see all available bus schedules!

Buses from Tunduma to Dodoma



The 12 seater buses with Ac

6am Tunduma

11 hours 34 minutes

5:00 pm Dodoma



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Route Stops

  • Tunduma
  • 713
  • 771
  • 711
  • Dodoma

Dodoma, Tanzania

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa with its capital in the city of Dodoma. The best time to visit Tanzania is during the dry season – one of its climate seasons, the other being the rainy season – great for safari tours and wildlife viewing. There are more than 120 ethnic tribes in Tanzania, with the 4 largest ethnic groups being the Sukuma, Chagga, Haya and Nyamwezi. Its religion is predominantly split between the Christians and the Muslims. Most of the dishes that make up the Tanzania cuisine are typical all over East Africa; its popular foods are coconut bean soup, rice, maize porridge, plantain soup and beans. There are 130 languages spoken in Tanzania while Swahili and English are its two official languages.

Due to its vast landmass, getting around Tanzania by plane is the quickest and most convenient option. Public transport is cheap and getting around the cities is relatively easy, you can take the bus, taxi, minivans, trains, car rentals and ferries. Tanzania is generally a safe country for travelers to visit; it is advised to avoid isolated areas, especially isolated stretches of beach in cities and tourist areas.

Festivals in Tanzania are a great way to get to know Tanzanian culture and enjoy its cultural diversity. Some of the interesting festivals and events you should attend are: the Kilimanjaro Marathon and Karibu Travel and Tourism fair, the largest tourism fair in East Africa, held at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro and the crater of Mount Meru. There is also the Mwaka Kogwa Festival, Serengeti Cultural Festival, Wanyambo Festival and Mzalendo Halisi Music Festival.

Tanzania, one of the most popular tourist destination in Africa, is home to some of Africa’s most famous national parks, safaris and wildlife viewing adventures. Some of its fascinating attractions include:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro: a major tourist attraction in Tanzania,for mountaineers and trekkers from around the world. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest snow peaked mountain in Africa.

  • Lake Manyara National Park: home to thousands of flamingos and other diverse wildlife, the serene and picturesque lake is ideal for bird watching and canoe safaris.

  • Ruaha National Park: is the largest national park in the country. The park is filled with wild dogs, lions, leopards, elephants, cheetah, giraffes, zebras, impala, bat eared foxes and jackals, the park offers visitors an opportunity to get up close and personal with nature and enjoy the wildlife.

  • Tarangire National Park: this national park is a paradise for bird watchers as more than 550 different species frequent the park. Tarangire is also known for its huge number of elephants, baobab trees and tree climbing lions. Huge termite mounds can be found all around the park too.

  • Serengeti National Park: as the largest national park in Tanzania, the Serengeti attracts thousands of tourists each year.
    Large herds of antelope as well as lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, bat eared fox, hunting dog and jackal are also found in Serengeti National Park. Nearly 500 species of bird have been recorded on the Serengeti.

There are over 10,000 hotels and apartments to stay in Tanzania, so you will be spoiled for choice especially when in Dar es Salaam.