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Thailand is a friendly and fun-loving country which is known for its historical, natural, and cultural sights in its vicinity. The country offers white-sand beaches, islands, and national parks. The beaches in the country offer tourists the chance to engage in activities such as diving with whale sharks, scaling the sea cliffs, kiteboarding, scuba diving, and feasting. National parks around the country offer exciting activities like trekking and wildlife viewing. Other things of interest for tourists include visiting archeological sites which house the ruins of historical temples and palaces, the nightlife in Thailand also has a major pull on tourists. Tourists visit to Thailand cannot be complete without them trying out some of the famous Thai cuisines.
Tourism in Thailand is a major contributor to the Thai economy. It is responsible for contributing 10.4 percent of the country’s GDP and providing 9.9 percent of the total employment, this is according to the tourism statistic in 2017. The Thai government has embraced the slogan “Amazing Thailand” to promote tourism in the country. The country expects the influence of tourism in the country to keep on increasing for years to come.
Travelers should ensure they stay away from the use of illegal drugs. Long jail sentences and hefty fines are handed out to anyone caught being involved in the possession, trafficking, and usage of illegal drugs. Personal use of non-lethal military equipment such as protective vests and night vision scopes are prohibited.


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