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About Germany

The capital of Germany is Berlin, It is hosts the president of Germany who officially stays in Schloss Bellevue. The best time to visit Germany is in May when the weather is finally warmer and there are fewer crowds of tourist.

The weather and climate in Germany is considered to be moderate, the Coastal region located in the northern parts of Germany usually experiences maritime climate which has warmer summer and mildly cold winters, and farther inland of Germany experiences a continental climate with seasonal variations in temperature with colder winters and warmer summer. Winters normally starts from December - June, and summer from July - November; January is known to be the coldest month and July to be the warmest.

German culture is shaped by major intellectual, religious and secular currents in Europe, Germany was known in history to be the country of innovators and ideas and was called Das Land der Dichter und Denker meaning the country of thinkers and poets.

The language spoken in Germany is German but also English and French are common and some other native minority languages like Danish, Saterland Frisian, and North Frisian.

Christianity is the most widely practised religion in Germany about 59% of the national population including Roman Catholic and protestant and their is also a minority of Judaism and Islamic religion.

German food varies depending on the area, the food in Germany is mostly pork based and also hearty stews and lots of potato dishes, seafood and also a lot of fresh local produce.

Getting around Germany is usually easy, it is known to have one of Europe’s most efficient transportation systems making transportation easier and tourist can see a lot even under a little time period. Excellent highways, High-speed trains, and also scenic routes are available for riverboats, buses and bikes, as well as by cars also can be rented.

Berlin is the most popular city in Germany and also the capital and most visited area in Germany.

There are many festivals and events celebrated in Germany, some of these include :Oktoberfest; This is celebrated in Munich and is usually held between late September and early October, the festival features a lot of attractions especially it's 1 litre huge, heavy stein of beer, they also dress up in costumes, and make use of tents, circuses and roller-coasters; Berlin Film Festival - This is one of the most prestigious film events and hosts the rich and famous from the film industries around the world; Carnival of Cultures - This is a four day festival held in the district of Kreuzberg in Berlin in the month of May; and the Rose Monday Parade.

Germany is home to a lot of beautiful landscapes and scenery attracting a lot of tourism every year, some of these attractions includes:

  • Berlin's Brandenburg Gate - This monument was built in 1791, in honour of King Frederick William II. It is located in Berlin’s Mitte district and is one of the first Neoclassical monuments.
  • Neuschwanstein castle - This is one of Europe's most popular castle, located in the old town of Füssen, also known to be the ultimate fairytale castle.
  • The Black Forest - This is one of the most frequently visited upland regions in Europe, it is home to Germany's oldest ski area at Todtnau; the Black Forest Railway, waterfalls, and the Black Forest Open Air Museum at Triberg, it is also known to be a good destination for hikers.
  • Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) - This monumental structure of Gothic architecture is a masterpiece located in the banks of Rhine. This is one of the Largest Cathedrals in Europe.
  • Museum Island in Berlin - Museumsinsel as it is popularly known, is located between the River Spree and the Kupfergraben. It features Berlin’s most important and oldest museum including the Old museum, the New museum, and the Bode museum.

There are over 84,000 hotels and apartments in Germany , with an abundance of options you will have a number of choices to choose from.