AT&T Dataplan, Bundles, Subscription Codes and prices

Here is the list of every AT&T Mayotte data plans and prices. Subscription codes are valid as per our last update. This list is needed for easy access to use any of the AT&T Mayotte data plan bundles instead of browsing the internet. The AT&T data plans provided below can be accessed using laptops, desktop computers, tablets, android devices and other gadgets.

Mode of Subscription of AT&T data plans

How to get AT&T data balance

AT&T Monthly Data plans

Are available in daily, weekly and monthly bundles.

These bundles are for all devices, smartphones, laptops, iPhones, computers and other gadgets. The data bundles are available below:

AT&T Data Plans

Bundle Size

Prices in Euro






With this plan, AT&T gives you 10mb/s of data for just €60 and its validity is MONTHLY

Data: 10mb/s; Fee: €60; Validity: MONTHLY

AT&T Internet Speed


Peak Speed

Average internet browsing speed