Iran visa requirements for Nigerians

Travel and visa requirements

Iranian Visa is not required for Nigerians

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • The visa policy in Iran provides that Nigerians can visit for a duration of 30 days without a visa.
  • Intending visitors can gain entry into Iran by applying for an e-visa. The processing time for the e-visa is 5 days.
  • Tourists can also extend their stay by applying to the Immigration Department before their initial validity date expires. Overstaying without getting a visa extension will attract a fine.
  • Nigerians can also pay for a visa on arrival at any of the following airports in Iran:
    • Bandar Abbas International Airport (Bandar Abbas)
    • Isfahan International Airport (Isfahan)
    • Mashhad International Airport (Mashad)
    • Kish International Airport (Kish Island)
    • Mehrabad International Airport (Tehran)
    • Qeshm International Airport (Qeshm Island)
    • Shiraz International Airport (Shiraz) Tabriz International Airport (Tabriz)
    • Imam Khomeini International Airport (Tehran)
    • Kerman Airport (Kerman)
    • Urmia Airport (Urmia)
    • Ahvaz International Airport (Ahvaz)
    • Larestan International Airport
  • Prospective visitors must possess a passport valid for 6 months on entry into Iran. On both entry and exit from the country, passports will not be stamped.
  • In Iran, import of local currency up to IRR 500,000 is allowed. Amounts exceeding IRR 500,000 must be deposited at Bank Melli or Bank Sepah, at the airport. Visitors with foreign currency above $10,000 will be required to declare it.
  • Export of local currency up to IRR 500,000 is allowed for Nigerians. Foreign currencies may be exported by Nigerians up to the amount declared on arrival or obtained via Bank Melli. Bank receipt and Bank stamp in the passport must be shown on departure to prove the balance of the amount declared on arrival.
  • Admission will be refused to women not wearing Islamic head cover, scarf, long sleeves and stockings 
  • Tourists are required to have a return or onward ticket and proof of enough funds to spend during their stay.
  • Confirmation of accommodation during their stay in Iran is required, which can be a hotel reservation or a letter from the host in the country.
  • Although a proof yellow fever vaccination is not required, tourists are advised to be vaccinated against common illnesses.
  • Prospective visitors hoping to travel to Iran can do so from any international airport in Nigeria. There are international airport Lagos and Abuja.
  • Airlines that intending visitors can board from Nigeria to Iran include Turkish Airlines, Ethiopia Airways, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirate Airlines.
  • The estimated flight time from Lagos to Tehran, Iran is 12 hours, 40 minutes and 11 hours from Abuja.
  • The Iranian Rial is the official currency used in Iran. Visitors can exchange their foreign currency at various banks and exchange outlets in the country.
  • The official language of Iran is Persian. It is spoken by about 50% of the population. However, Seven other indigenous languages are recognized and widely spoken and they include, Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Lori, Mazandarani, Gilaki, Balochi and Arabic.
  • Tourists are to budget about $60 to spend on expenses per day in Iran.
  • Islam is the official religion in Iran. Sunni and Shi'i are the two largest branches of Islam, with the overwhelming majority of Iranians practising Shi'i Islam.
  • Iran has a hot, dry climate, characterized by long, hot, dry summers and short, cool winters.
  • Visitors can move around in Iran with buses, taxis, car rentals and train. 
  • Iran uses the Iran Daylight Time (GMT+4:30), which puts Iran three and thirty minutes ahead of Nigeria.
  • Valley of the Stars, Persepolis, Babak Castle and Nasir ol-Molk Mosque are tourists destinations Nigerians should visit while in Iran.
  • The power and socket plug used in Iran is of Type C and F. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.
  • Hiking and skiing in the Alborz, are some of the activities tourists can engage in to enjoy their stay in Iran.
  • Kebab, Khoresht (Iranian Stew), Fesenjan (Fesenjoon), Zereshk Polo, Dizi / Abgoosht (Stone Pot Iranian Stew) are some of the delicacies enjoyed in Iran.

Frequently Asked Questions

What religion was practised in Iran before Islam?

Zoroastrians are the oldest religious community of Iran. Prior to the Muslim conquest of Persia, Zoroastrianism was the primary religion of the Persian Empire.

Who is the current president of Iran?

The current President of Iran is Hassan Rouhani, assumed office on 3 August 2013, after the 2013 Iranian presidential election. He succeeded Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who served 8 years in office from 2005 to 2013. Rouhani won re-election in the 2017 presidential election.

When is the best time to travel to Iran?

As expected from a country with such seasonal extremes, spring and autumn are the best conditions for travelers. March to May and September to October are the best time to go to Iran.

Is Iran safe for tourist travel?

Iran is generally a very safe place to travel to. Most people think Iran is not a safe place to visit and even confuse Iran with Iraq.

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Solomon plange

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Is it true

Solomon plange

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Is it true

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