Suriname visa requirements for Nigerians

Travel and visa requirements

Surinamer Visa is not required for Nigerians

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • Nigerians visiting Suriname can obtain an eVisa 72 hours before entry. 
  • Nigerians visiting Suriname must have a passport valid for six months. 
  • Nigerians visiting Suriname must have a return ticket. 
  • Nigerians visiting Suriname with pets must have an import permit and proof of rabies vaccination. 
  • Nigerians visiting Suriname must check for Chikungunya, Dengue, Yellow Fever,  Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Malaria and Rabies vaccination. 
  • There is no direct flight from Lagos to Zanderij Airport. The quickest flight from Lagos to Suriname typically takes up to 21 hours and has one stopover.
  • While Suriname is home to a diverse religious demography, Christianity is currently the religion practised by a vast majority of  Suriname’s population.
  • The exchange rate between the Nigerian Naira and the Surinamese Dollar  is currently at 1 NGN = 0.021 SRD.
  • Because the time zone currently in use in Suriname is the Suriname Time ( GMT-3 ), Kenya is 4 hours behind Nigeria.
  • Getting around in Suriname is possible with the various public means of transportation available, this includes taxis, boats, buses and domestic flights. 
  • Suriname uses a type A, B, C and F adapter for visitors travelling with chargeable devices.
  • Suriname has a tropical climate with dry and rainy seasons. The short rainy season falls during December and January. The long rainy season takes place from April to July. 
  • The best time to visit Suriname is during the relatively dry months of February to March and August to November.
  • While Dutch is the official language, Sranan Tongo, an English-based creole language, is a widely spoken too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which fight can take person to Surinam?
Olakunle Famakinwa

4 months ago

Am a Nigerian I live in Seychelles what flight will it be comfortable to come Suriname 🇸🇷 and is the visa at the port of entry

Like much could be the flight amount from nigeria to suriname?

I’m from Nigeria and I live in Turkey, I will be coming to Suriname from Turkey 🇹🇷 and after that I will traveling to Dominic republic for a friends wedding, will Suriname 🇸🇷 immigration accept my ticket to Dominic republic as my returning ticket??