Palau visa requirements for Pakistanis

Travel and visa requirements

Palauan Visa is not required for Pakistanis

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • Pakistan citizens visiting Palau are granted visa on arrival for a period of 30 days.
  • Visitors are required to possess passports valid for the proposed duration of stay.
  • Visitors are expected to leave at least one blank page on their passports to obtain visa stamps.
  • Visitors are required to present a proof of Cholera and Yellow Fever vaccination.
  • The estimated flight time from Islamabad, Pakistan to Palau, Mexico is 16 hours, 51 minutes.
  • Currencies up to $10,000 equivalent should be declared upon entry and exit.
  •  There are no restrictions on importing liquor and cigarettes.
  • Weapons and controlled drugs or chemicals are prohibited.
  • Travellers have to declare all currency notes higher than USD 10,000 or its equivalent on their arrival.
  • Palau is on the Palau Time zone (GMT+9) hence, Palau is 4 hours ahead of Pakistan.
  • Visitors are required to pay a departure tax fee of USD 20
  • The country's two official languages are Palauan and English with Japanese, Sonsorolese and Tobian recognized as regional languages.
  • Palau voted for the world's first nuclear-free constitution
  • Palau has a tropical rain forest climate and the rain falls more frequently between July and October.
  • A large population of people living in Palau are Christians with only about 3.0% claiming to be Muslims
  • The cuisine includes local foods such as cassava, taro, yam, potato, fish and pork.
  • Palau is famous for its underwater wonders, mountains and sandy beaches
  • In its north, ancient basalt monoliths known as Badrulchau lie in grassy fields surrounded by palm trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Palau safe for tourists?

Palau is quite a safe country to visit. Walking in downtown Koror at night, even past midnight is quite safe. But as with any place in the world today, precaution prevails. Pedestrians should be careful, as sidewalks are limited even in downtown Koror.

What is the capital of Palau?

The capital of Palau is Ngerulmud located on the nearby island of Babeldaob, in Melekeok State. It is also the seat of government.

What is Palau best known for?

Palau is famous for its underwater wonders and volcanic islands.