Laos visa requirements for Filipinos

Travel and visa requirements

Laotian Visa is not required for Filipinos

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • Laos visa policy allows Filipinos to visit the country on visa-free for a span of 30 days of stay.
  • Philippine nationals are not allowed to stay in Laos beyond the given days.
  • An international passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country is required with the reservation of a minimum of two empty pages on your passport for necessary stamps.
  • You must possess a return ticket or ticket for travelling to another country and a visa for that country if it is required.
  • Provision of proof of hotel reservation or any other means of your accommodation in Laos.
  • You are to present all above-mentioned documents to the Laos Immigration officers upon your arrival in the country.
  • You must show a police report proving that you do not have a criminal record.
  • Medical Insurance to cover the duration of your entire stay and the presentation of documents confirming the purpose of your travel.
  • Failure to meet the above-given requirements will deprive you of your entry into Laos.
  • An airport embarkation tax is not levied on passengers in Laos.
  • The average expected time for airlines to travel to Vientiane, Laos from Manila, Philippines is 6 hours, 40 minutes.
  • Some airlines travelling to Laos from the Philippines are China Southern, THAI, Vietnam Airlines, Bangkok Airways and AirAsia.
  • Laos standard time zone is (GMT+7), while the Philippines maintains a standard time zone of (GMT+8). This positions the Philippines to be one (1) hour ahead of Laos.
  • The telephone code of Laos is (+856), serving as a medium for both national and international communication.
  • Laos banks do not operate on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).
  • A restriction is placed on the exportation of Laotian local currency (Laotian Kip - LAK).
  • An amount or any negotiable instruments exceeding $2,000 must be declared on your arrival or when exiting the country.
  • All passengers' luggage will be cleared at their first entry into Laos.
  • The official currency of Laos is the Lao Kip is (LAK). 
  • The capital city of Laos is Vientiane.
  • Lao is the official language spoken in Laos by its over 6 million population.
  • A minimum of 28 USD can cater for your daily expenses in Laos.
  • Variety of religions are exercised in Laos and some of them are Theravada, Buddhism, Baha'i Faith, Confucianism etc.
  • Tourist sights in Laos are Kuang Si Falls, Mount Phousi, Pha That Luang, Pak Ou Caves etc., are the places to explore when in Laos for tourism.
  • Glutinous rice, Green papaya salad, larb, baguette, khao piak sen, nam khao etc., are the national delicacies of Laos.
  • The electrical outlets used in Laos are of type A, B, C, E and F. The standard voltage supply that are employed in the country is 230V functioning with the frequency of 50Hz.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the next step to take after my Laotian e-visa has been emailed to me.?

After you must have received Laotian e-visa, you are to print it out and have it handy when you are embarking on your journey to Laos and show it to the Laotian Immigration Officer upon your arrival in Laos.

How many days does the Laotian e-visa processing take?

The average processing time for Laotian electronic visa is within 3 working days but could take up to 4 days in some cases. You are advised to apply 6-7 days before your departure to Laos.

Can I re-apply for another Laotian e-visa in the course of a mistake made in the Laotian e-visa application form filling process?

Yes. You can apply for another e-visa should a mistake or error occur in the submitted e-visa application form. And the initial one will be rendered useless.

What is Laotian e-visa validity?

The Laotian e-visa is valid for 60 days after the date of its approval and it is always issued for 30 days of stay.