Costa Rica visa requirements for Seychelloiss

Travel and visa requirements

Costa Rican Visa is not required for Seychelloiss

Stay Duration: 90 days

Entry Requirements

  • For a duration of 90 days, citizens of Seychelles can visit Costa Rica without visiting their embassy for a visa.
  • Seychellois will be required to possess a passport valid for a minimum of 3 months from the date of arrival in Costa Rica. The passport should have at least two blank pages for stamping.
  • On entry and exit into Costa Rica, there is no currency restriction.
  • Cats and dogs travelling as passenger's checked baggage or in the cabin, require a valid good health and rabies vaccination certificate.
  • Tourists below the age of nineteen (18) travelling to Costa Rica without a parent or guardian must have a letter of authorization from a parent or guardian.
  • Visitors are to present evidence of accommodation for their stay in Costa Rica, which could be a hotel reservation or a letter from the host who is already living in Costa Rica.
  • Seychelles passport holders visiting Costa Rica must provide a copy of their financial statement to show that they have enough money to take care of themselves for their entire stay in the country.
  • Tourists are required to provide a certificate of yellow fever vaccination. Tourists are also advised to get vaccinated on common illnesses before travelling.
  • An embarkation tax of $29 is levied on nationals of Seychelle when exiting Costa Rica. This doesn't apply for tourists travelling on British Airways, JetBlue and Iberia.
  • Prospective visitors hoping to travel to Costa Rica can do so from any international airport in Seychelles. These airports can be found in Victoria and Mahe.
  • SWISS, British Airways, Air Seychelles, Air India and JetBlue are some of the airlines that travellers can board from Seychelles to Costa Rica.
  • The estimated flight time from Seychelles to Algiers, Costa Rica is 1 day, 3 hours.
  • Christianity is the largest religion in Costa Rica, with Roman Catholics having the most adherents. The constitution also establishes it as the state religion. Nevertheless, the is freedom of religion in Costa Rica.
  • The Costa Rican Colón is the official currency used in Costa Rica. Also, the USD is commonly used as a medium of exchange. Visitors can exchange their foreign currency at various banks and exchange outlets in the country.
  • Costa Rica enjoys a tropical climate. The best time to visit Costa Rica is from mid-December to April which is the dry season.
  • The power and socket plug used in Costa Rica is of Type A and B. The standard voltage is 120 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz.
  • The official language in Costa Rica is Spanish. However,  a number of indigenous languages such as Cabécar, Bribri, and Maléku are spoken in Costa Rica.
  • Tourists are advised to budget about $150 a day for expenses while in Costa Rica.
  • Some delicacies tourists can try in Costa Rica include, Gallo Pinto, Casado, Tamal, Arroz con Leche, etc.
  • Visitors can move around in Costa Rica with buses, taxis, domestic flights and car rental.
  • Costa Rica uses the Central Standard Time (GMT-6). Seychelles is ten hours behind of Costa Rica.
  • Arenal Volcano National Park, Rincón de la Vieja National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve and Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio are tourists centres in Costa Rica that tourists can visit while in the country.
  • Visitors in Costa Rica are expected to be courteous and conscious of existing rules and customs as they go about their tourism-related activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Costa Rica safe for tourist visit?

Costa Rica is generally a safe country to visit. The locals are hospitable and there is no major natural disaster happening there. However, like in many developing countries, petty theft is common.

How much money should I budget per day in Costa Rica?

Generally, depending on the activities you mapped out for the day, tourists should budget between $100 to $200 to spend per day in Costa Rica.

Is the tap water in Costa Rica safe to drink?

Yes. The tap water in many areas of Costa Rica is safe for consumption as it is regularly treated. Cautious tourists can, however, opt for bottled water which can easily be purchased from shops around the country.

What is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

The best time of the year to visit Costa Rica is from mid-December to April, which is the country's dry season. During this period, roads are easily accessible and tourists can explore the country better.

What about if you have money in cash no bank statement?

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