Kenya visa requirements for Sierra Leoneans

Travel and visa requirements

Kenyan Visa is not required for Sierra Leoneans

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • Citizens of Sierra Leone intending to visit Kenya can be granted a visa-free entry for a maximum period of 30 days.
  • An original passport is required.
  • The passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Kenya with two blank pages.
  • Before entry into Kenya, a flight itinerary and ticket, proof of hotel booking, proof of sufficient funds and a letter from your company if you are applying for a business visa is required.
  • Visitors under age 18 travelling on their own require written consent from either parent.
  • The importation of fruit, poultry meat and products, imitation and toy firearms is prohibited.
  • Foreign currencies exceeding USD 10,000 must be declared before entry into the country.
  • Visitors are expected to show proof of yellow fever vaccination or they would be denied entry into Kenya.
  • Cats and dogs must be accompanied by an Import Permit issued by Kenya,a veterinarian good health certificate and rabies certificate.
  • Sierra Leoneans intending to visit Kenya must check for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, and influenza. 
  • The estimated flight time from Freetown, Sierra Leone to Nairobi, Kenya is 7 hours 32 minutes.
  • Smoking in any public place is prohibited throughout Kenya, except in designated smoking areas. Offenders can face a fine or imprisonment.
  • Plastic bags have been banned for environmental reasons.
  • Taking photographs of official buildings, including Embassies, can lead to detention. If in any doubt, visitors are advised to not photograph or film around them. Photography is also prohibited at airports.
  • Visitors are advised to be careful when carrying out monetary transactions in Kenya, from currency changes to relatively expensive purchases.
  • The predominant religion in Kenya is Christianity, which is adhered to by an estimated 84.8% of the total population. Islam is the second-largest religion in Kenya, practised by approximately 9.7 to 11.1 per cent of Kenyans. Other faiths practised in Kenya are Baha'i, Buddhism, Hinduism and traditional religions.
  • The Kenyan Shilling is the official currency of Kenya.
  • The current exchange rate between the Sierra Leonean Leon and the Kenyan shillings is currently at 1 (SLL)/ 0.01(KES).
  • The time zone currently used in Kenya is the East African Time (GMT+3),  which places the country  3 hours ahead of Sierra Leone.
  • Getting around in Kenya is possible through various public means of transportation including the matatu (Local matatus are the main means of getting around for local people, and any reasonably sized city or town will have plenty of services covering every major road and suburb.), boats, shared taxis, tuk-tuks, buses, taxis.
  • Kenya uses type G power plugs and operates on a 240 V supply voltage and 50 Hz frequency.
  • The climate of Kenya varies by location. On the coast, the climate is tropical, with warm temperatures and high humidity. In the lowlands, the weather is generally hot and dry; while the highlands are temperate.
  • Kenya is a multilingual country. Swahili and English are Kenya's official languages. 
  • Swahili phrases that would be helpful to visitors include: Hello -" jambo/ hujambo/ ​salama"; How are you-"habari gani" and Goodbye -"kwa heri/ kwa herini".
  • There are two national dishes in Kenya: ugali( a porridge made of maize) and nyama choma..

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink tap water in Kenya?

Although tap water may be ideal in most areas for bathing and brushing teeth, it has been recommended that visitors drink bottled water at all times.

What credit cards are accepted in Kenya?

All major credit cards are acceptable especially Visa card, Mastercard and American Express.

Are there restrictions on the consumption of alcohol in Kenya?

Generally, there are no restrictions on the sale or consumption of alcoholic drinks. However, in some areas like Muslim villages, alcohol is restricted.

What documents do I need to travel to Kenya?

As a citizen of Sierra Leone travelling to Kenya, the general and most basic documents are a valid passport and a valid health certificate.