Mauritania visa requirements for Sierra Leoneans

Travel and visa requirements

Mauritanian Visa is not required for Sierra Leoneans

Stay Duration: 90 days

Entry Requirements

  • Sierra Leoneans travelling to Mauritania can obtain a 90-day visa on arrival.
  • Visas on arrival are available at the Nouackchott- Oumtounsy International Airport, Mauritania.
  • Visa costs 55 EUR/ 60 USD.
  • Visitors are to possess an original passport valid for at least 6 months upon entry into Mauritania.
  • Visitors are to also possess 2 completed visa application forms and 4 passport photographs.
  • Confirmation of hotel bookings or letter from a Mauritanian host is required.
  • Proof of travel allowance (sufficient to cover the entire stay in Mauritania) and employment  is required.
  • Visitors are also required to possess an onward or return ticket.
  • Business visitors are required to tender a letter of invitation from the host company.
  • Visitors are required to get an original certificate showing proof of yellow fever vaccination.
  • There are no restrictions on foreign currencies on entry.
  • No airport tax is levied on visitors upon embarkation at the airport.
  • Arabic is the official language in Mauritania.
  • Mauritanians drive on the right hand side of the road.
  • Mauritania recognizes Islam as the sole religion of its citizens and religious freedom is  restricted.
  • Attempts to convert citizens from their religion is illegal and may lead to deportation, arrest or prosecution.
  • Importation of alcoholic drinks and pork products is prohibited.
  • The country adopts the use of the Mauritanian Ouguiya as its official currency.
  • In Mauritania, the power plugs and sockets are type C. The standard voltage is 220 V  and standard frequency is 50 Hz.
  •  Internet speed in Mauritania is averaged at 3.47 Mbps for downloads and  2.12 Mbps which is low.
  • About two-third of the country has the Saharan climate, with daytime temperatures exceeding 38 degree Celsius in most areas for over 6 months of the year, however the nights are cool.
  • Homosexuality is a punishable offence in Mauritania and drug laws are severe.
  • Ignoring people who greet you is considered rude. Visitors are advised to reply greetings and greet people they meet in a shop or store upon entry.
  • Sale and consumption of alcohol in Mauritania is illegal.
  • The traditional dishes in Mauritania are influenced by a blend of Arab and African culinary practices. They include chebu jen, yassa poulet and rice with vegetables. Mint tea is widely drunk.
  • There are no public buses in Mauritania, however there are bush taxis, private taxi companies and train services (Only available in North Mauritania).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mauritania a secular state?

Mauritania recognizes Islam as the sole religion of its citizens. Religious freedom is restricted.

Is alcohol legal in Mauritania?

The sale and consumption of alcohol in Mauritania is illegal and there are no restaurants in the country that serve alcoholic beverages legally.

What is the currency used in Mauritania?

The official currency used in Mauritania is the Mauritanian Ouguiya.