Nigeria visa requirements for Sierra Leoneans

Travel and visa requirements

Nigerian Visa is not required for Sierra Leoneans

Stay Duration: 90 days

Entry Requirements

  • Sierra Leoneans can be granted a 90-day visa-free entry into Nigeria, if they possess a valid passport.
  • The passport should be valid for at least six months and should have at least two blank pages for entry stamps.
  • Visitors are expected to show proof of basic travelling allowance sufficient to cover their entire stay in the country.
  • Evidence of accommodation reservation, letter from host or confirmed hotel booking is required.
  • A valid health certificate is also required.
  • Visitors are also required to tender evidence of a valid return ticket or a computer-generated flight itinerary from an airline.
  • Cats and dogs must be accompanied by certificates from a veterinarian indicating good health and rabies inoculation.
  • Certificates should not be older than a week.
  • There are no currency restrictions on foreign currencies and local currency (Nigeria Naira -NGN) and local currency, if declared on arrival. 
  • No airport tax is levied upon visitors upon embarkation at the airport.
  • Nigeria is equally divided between Islam, Christianity and other traditional beliefs. While Islam is predominant in the North, Christianity holds the majority in the South.
  • English is officially spoken in Nigeria alongside three major languages: Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. However, there are over 500 other languages spoken in the country.
  • Pidgin (an English-based creole language) was also developed to aid communication among people from different parts of the country as a result of its diverse languages.
  • Common pidgin phrases include: “How you dey” means “How are you”, “No wahala” means “No problem” and “I wan chop” means “I’m hungry”. 
  • Homosexual relationships are illegal in Nigeria. In northern states where Sharia law applies, the penalty includes death.
  • Photography of airports, government buildings, military installations and embassies is prohibited.
  • The exchange rate is 1 Sierra Leonean Leone to 0.038 Nigerian Naira.
  • The total flight duration from Sierra Leone to Nigeria is 2 hours.
  • Nigeria uses the West Africa Standard Time (GMT+1). Thus, Nigeria is 1 hour ahead of Sierra Leone.
  • The country uses type D and G power plugs. The standard voltage is  230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.
  • Nigeria is characterized by a tropical climate with variable rainy and dry seasons, depending on location.
  • Generally, the length of the rainy season decreases from south to north. In the south, the rainy season lasts from March to November, whereas in the far north it lasts only from mid-May to September.
  • Visitors to Nigeria can move around using public buses, motorcycles( popularly called “Okadas”), tricycles (called “kekes”) and car services such as Uber and Bolt.
  • Nigeria’s infusion of various ethnic groups influences its wide variety of traditional delicacies.  Tuwo Shinkafa and Miyan Taushe ( peculiar to the north); Amala andEwedu (West);  Akpu and Egusi soup (East) are a few delicacies visitors should try.
  • Nigeria is an untapped tourist paradise with stretches of exotic beaches, lush mountains and stunning environments. The Obudu Mountain Resort, Ikogosi Warm Spring, Ibeno Beach and Osun-Oshogbo Groove are some of the places to visit while in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is the electricity supply in Nigeria?

Power supply in Nigeria, even in the larger cities, is unreliable and most Nigerians have a petrol generator to cope with frequent power outages. 

How good are internet and cell phone services in the country?

Cell phone services are popular, cheap and reliable. Internet is accessible but can be very expensive.

When is the best time of the year to visit Nigeria?

It is possible to visit Nigeria for most of the year, depending on what part you would be visiting and your purpose of visit.