Armenia visa requirements for South Africans

Travel and visa requirements

Armenian Visa is not required for South Africans

Stay Duration: 120 days

Entry Requirements

  • South African passport holders intending to visit Armenia can stay for a period of 120 days.
  • Intending visitors can stay on the official visa, transit visa, diplomatic visa and visitor visa
  • Visitors can gain entry either by obtaining a visa on arrival or with an eVisa.
  • For visitors staying for not more than 3 months, there is an embassy fee of $66, and for people staying for up to 6 months, the fee is $92.
  • Visitors can extend their stay for a maximum period of 60 days.
  • The validity period of your extended visa is 2 months.
  • Before entry into Armenia, South African passport holders must provide a valid passport, entry visa or residence permit.
  • Intending travellers can get to Armenia from Johannesburg with Air France, Qatar, and Emirates airlines.
  • Depending on the airline a visitor travels with, the average flight time from Johannesburg to Yerevan, stops included, is 23 hours.
  • Visitors who will be travelling with chargeable devices should know Armenia’s plug types are type C and F. Armenia runs on a 230V voltage supply, and 50Hz Hertz.
  • There are banks and currency exchange establishments where visitors can convert Euros or Dollar bills to the local Armenian Dram. It is best to carry Euros or Dollar bills as they are easier to convert, also visitors are advised to get enough AMD in small denominations, to allow for a hassle-free experience when they have to spend money.
  • Armenia is sunny for a better part of the year with variations in the temperature between its four seasons, which can be explained due to its highland continental climate.
  • May-June and September-October are the best times to visit Armenia as the weather is relatively cooler and allows for all kinds of tourism related activities.
  • Armenia is 2 hours ahead of South Africa as the AMT time zone is what is in use.
  • Christians make up 94.8% of the religious demography in Armenia and a large part of this majority worship at the Armenian Apostolic Church.
  • Buses and minibuses are the most commonly used means of transportation in Armenia, and they go for 100 ADM . Taxis are also another way to get around and are fairly cheap. Visitors can get a taxi using Mobitaxi, as Uber doesn’t currently operate in Armenia. Subways and trolleybuses are also some other means of getting around in Armenia.
  • Russian tops the list of widely spoken languages in Armenia, with English coming second, so visitors who cannot speak Russian should have very minimal trouble interacting with locals.
  • Armenia has a rich, diverse and aesthetically appealing culture from the cuisine to the natural endowments, making it an interesting and worthwhile place to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of the year to visit Armenia?

The best time of the year to visit Armenia is during the summer months of late May to early June

What language is spoken in Armenia?

Armenian is the language spoken in Armenia.

What is the currency here?

The Armenian Dram is the currency used here

Is Armenia an expensive travel destination?

Armenia as a travel destination is affordable and not overcrowded with tourists as of yet. Hostels in Yerevan are as little as $10 per night, and even the most expensive hotels are a little over $100.

Is Armenia safe to travel?

Armenia is a relatively safe travel destination.

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