Bahrain visa requirements for South Africans

Travel and visa requirements

Bahraini Visa is not required for South Africans

Stay Duration: 14 days

Entry Requirements

  • South Africans looking to visit Bahrain for up to 14 days are allowed to do so on an e-visa.
  • A few options of what kind of visa upon which a visitor is allowed to stay; the business visa, tourist visa or investment visa.
  • The visa fee payable is BD 29.000 
  • An intending visitor's visa can be extended at the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs office (NPRA) in the Kingdom of Bahrain on payment of a fee.
  • Visitors must be able to support themselves (and any dependents) during the visit and are not allowed to take up any paid employment during their stay.
  • A visitor's passport must be valid for the length of time they will be in Bahrain, or the length of the visa, whichever is longer.
  • Visitors are expected to carry along a copy of their return air ticket, photocopy of the photo page of  their passport, a copy of hotel booking in Bahrain, a copy of a stamped bank statement covering the last three months with an ending balance of not less than the equivalent of BD300 and also a copy of GCC visit visa.
  • Intending visitors can get to Bahrain from any international airports in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein.
  • Emirates, British Airways, Etihad, Qatar Airways, are some of the carriers that fly from South Africa to Bahrain.
  • The estimated flight time from Johannesburg to Bahrain is 10 hours, 30 minutes, and 12 hours, 10 minutes from Cape Town.
  • Visitors might need to travel with United States Dollar bills as they are easier to exchange for the local Bahraini Dinar. There are no restrictions on the import of foreign currencies.
  • Summers in Bahrain are often extremely sunny, and winter is slightly mild, and these make up the seasons in Bahrain.
  • Because Bahrain’s weather is hot for a better part of the year, the best time to visit is when it is less so, and this from November to February.
  • Bahrain uses the Arabian Standard Time (GMT+3) making it one hour ahead of South Africa.
  • Power sockets and plugs used in Bahrain are of type G. The standard voltage is 230 V, with a 50 Hz frequency.
  • Islam is what 70.3 of citizens of Bahrain subscribe to, with a small but nonetheless existing number of Christians and people of other faiths.
  • Bahrain, with its many architectural and natural beauties, has a lot to offer to visitors looking to go sightseeing, and discovering a rich and diverse culture while at it.
  • Because of Bahrain’s relatively small landscape, it is quite easy to move around by walking, public taxis, and buses, both around 150 fils.
  • Although Arabic is the official language in Bahrain, English is also spoken by many. It used for business and other official purposes and is a compulsory second language in schools.
  • Visitors shouldn’t have a problem navigating both the rural and urban parts of Bahrain, but it is always respectful to pick up a few, basic Arabic before travelling.
  • Bahrain is a very Islamic country with most of their laws influenced by the Quran, which means that certain things like taking pictures of people and buildings without permission, open display of non-religious beliefs, and import of other religious materials can be considered offensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

is it safe to visit Bahrain??

Bahrain is a relatively safe place to visit

the best time of the year to visit Bahrain??

the months of September to November is the best time to visit Bahrain.

What currency is used??

The Bahraini Dinar is the currency of Bahrain. 

What is the official currency of Bahrain??

Arabic is the official currency of Bahrain.

What is Bahrain known for??

Bahrain is known for its pearl fisheries, which were considered the best in the world into the 19th century.

Can you drink alcohol in Bahrain??

In Bahrain, alcohol is only available in hotels and through private licenses for sale to non-Muslims only. Drinking alcohol in public is still illegal, and being drunk can actually get you thrown behind bars.