Guatemala visa requirements for South Africans

Travel and visa requirements

Guatemalan Visa is not required for South Africans

Stay Duration: 3 months

Entry Requirements

  • South Africans looking to visit Guatemala for up to 90 days can do so without a visa.
  •  Intending visitors must have a passport valid for at least six months and must have two blank pages.
  •  Tourists staying beyond the validity period will attract a fine.
  • Visitors must show proof of sufficient funds to cover for their stay in Guatemala. 
  • South Africans under the age of 18 visiting Guatemala with a valid passport do not need to take permission from their parents before entering or leaving Guatemala. 
  • South Africans visiting Guatemala with pets must have a veterinarian health certificate and an import permit from Guatemala embassy. 
  • Intending visitors can get to Guatemala City, Guatemala from any international airport in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Cape Town.
  • South African Airways, Qatar Airways, KLM, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, are some of the carriers that fly from South Africa to Guatemala.
  • The estimated flight time from Johannesburg to Guatemala City is 23 hours, 40 minutes it is 1 day, 4 hours, from Cape Town, and 1 day, 2 hours from Bloemfontein.
  • The Guatemalan Quetzal is Guatemala’s official currency and can be obtained from banks and other exchange outlets. 
  • Because it is important for visitors to move around with a lot of cash, it is advisable to withdraw enough money for each day from the many ATMs available in Guatemala. Credit/debit cards are widely accepted in restaurants, hotels, and other business outlets.
  • Guatemala has a tropical climate, with a pronounced variance in temperatures and rainfall depending on the region.
  • November to April are the driest seasons in Guatemala and make for the best times to visit Guatemala.
  • Guatemala’s numerous natural and historical beauties put it out as a great place for tourists and visitors looking to experience the richness of nature and to discover new cultures.
  • Guatemala uses the Central Standard Time (GMT-6) which makes South Africa eight hours ahead of it. 
  • Power sockets and plugs used in Guatemala are of type A and B. The standard supply voltage is 120 V, with a standard frequency of 60 Hz.
  • A large number of Guatemalans identify as Christians.
  • Getting around in Guatemala is possible with public buses, taxis, car rentals, etc.
  • Guatemala is home to an interesting, unique and fascinating culture and history. Visitors are expected to be courteous and conscious of existing rules and customs as they go about their tourism-related activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What language is most spoken in Guatemala?

The Guatemalan Spanish, which is a local variant of Spanish, is widely spoken by Guatemalans. Although there other languages.

Popular Guatemalan dishes?

Chicken Pepian, Pupusas, Kak'ik, Hilachas, Noodles tostadas, Rellenitos, Chocolates are some of Guatemala's popular dishes.

What is Guatemala best known for?

Guatemala is known for its volcanic landscape and fascinating Mayan culture. 

Is Guatemala safe for tourists to visit?

Guatemala is a mostly safe travel destination for tourists to visit. 

Places to visit in Guatemala?

Laguna Lachua, Tikal National Park, Semuc Champey, Acatenango Volcano, Pacaya Volcano, and Montericco, are some of the best places to visit in Guatemala.

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