Hong Kong visa requirements for South Africans

Travel and visa requirements

Hong Kongese Visa is not required for South Africans

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • South Africans can visit Hong Kong for a duration of 30 days without a visa. 
  • South Africans visiting Hong Kong must have a passport valid for 30 days after the date of departure from Hong Kong. 
  • South Africans must have a proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay without working in Hong Kong. 
  • South Africans visiting Hong Kong for the purpose of study or staying for a period exceeding 90 days must apply for a visa before arriving in Hong Kong. 
  • South Africans visiting Hong Kong should note that the processing of a visa takes four to twenty working days. 
  • South Africans wishing to extend their stay in Hong Kong must apply for an extension  of stay seven days before the expiry of the current stay. 
  • South Africans visiting Hong Kong with pets must obtain a permit from the agriculture, fisheries and conservation department. 
  • South African visiting Hong Kong with children must contact the Hong Kong economic and trade office for any documents showing evidence of parental responsibility that may be required by the immigration. 
  • Intending visitors can get to Hong Kong from any international airport in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Durban.
  • Emirates, British Airways, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Kiwi International Airlines, American Airlines are some of the carriers that fly from South Africa to Hong Kong.
  • The estimated flight time from Johannesburg to Hong Kong is 12 hours, 55 minutes it is 16 hours, 25 minutes from Cape Town, 15 hours, 30 minutes from Bloemfontein, and 15 hours, 40 minutes from Durban.
  • Hong Kong’s Dollar is the best currency to use in Hong Kong and can be obtained from banks and other exchange offices.
  • ATMs are available in virtually all parts of Hong Kong and credit/debit cards are accepted in many business outlets.
  • Hong Kong’s climate is hot, humid and rainy from June–August, with possible typhoons in September.
  • Hong Kong’s numerous natural, technological and historical beauties put it out as a great place for tourists and visitors looking to experience the richness of nature and to discover new cultures.
  • Power sockets and plugs used in Hong Kong are of type G and D. The standard supply voltage is 220 V, with a standard frequency of 50 Hz.
  • Getting around in Hong Kong is possible with public buses, taxis, car rentals, trams, ferries, etc.
  • Hong Kong is home to an interesting, unique and exciting culture and history. Intending visitors are expected to be courteous and conscious of existing rules and customs as they go about their tourism-related activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Hong Kong?
  • The best time in the year to visit Hong Kong is March-April and November-December. 

What is the coldest month in Hong Kong?
  • January is the coldest month to visit Hong Kong, this season is usually dry and mild.it is also the driest month of the year.  

What is the official language spoken in Hong Kong?
  • The languages commonly spoken in Hong Kong are English, Chinese and Cantonese. All government officials in Hong Kong are required to have the ability to communicate in English. 

Is Hong Kong safe to visit?

Although Hong Kong is ranked high in the list of the safest places to visit for tourists, expats and locals alike, there are occasional, albeit, rare cases of petty crimes. 

What are Hong Kong's most popular dishes?

Sweet and Sour Pork, Wontons, Roast Gooses, Shrimp and chicken balls, Fishballs, Pheonix Talons, are some of Hong Kong's most famous and widely loved dishes by visitors and locals.

I need Hong Kong visa?

I need Hong Kong visa in SA?

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