Virgin Islands British visa requirements for South Africans

Travel and visa requirements

Virgin Islander Visa is not required for South Africans

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • The tourist visa for the British Virgin Islands is not required for citizens of South Africa for a stay up to 30 days.
  • Visa extensions for up to 6 months are granted at the discretion of the Chief Immigration Officer provided visitors can show proof of independent financial means.
  • South Africans are required to possess passports valid for the duration of stay.
  • There is a $15 departure tax and $5 security charge payable on leaving the country by air.
  • South Africans are not allowed to possess meat products on arrival.
  • Travelers with pets are required to supply evidence of vaccination against potentially infectious diseases such as rabies.
  • On the British Virgin Islands, the power plugs and sockets are of type A and B. The standard voltage is 110 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz.
  • Direct flights are available from Johannesburg to Tortola, British Virgin Islands.
  • The British Virgin Islands use the Atlantic Standard Time (GMT +4), hence, the country is 6 hours ahead of South Africa.
  • Transport within the country can be made through taxis, ferries and air vehicles.
  • Trafficking of illegal substances including marijuana is a serious offence and can lead to large fines and long imprisonments.
  • Spear fishing, use of scuba equipment, explosive, poison and other poisonous substances to capture or remove any marine animal or coral is against the law.
  • Fishing within the boundaries of any marine park is strictly forbidden.
  • Commercial, sport and pleasure fishing within the country requires a fishing license and the boat you are fishing must also be licensed by the government.
  • Homosexuality is legal on the British Virgin Islands’ law, although, there are no provisions for marriage or civil partnerships between same-sex couples.
  • British Virgin Islanders place great importance on mannerly behavior and the right of individuals’ privacy is also held dear.
  • The primary language spoken in the British Virgin Islands is the British English and Caribbean Creole as a local dialect but Spanish is widely spoken by other Caribbean Immigrants.
  • Among the older generation, friends of either gender may be addressed formally as “Mr”, “Mrs” or “Miss” and the younger generation may be greeted with a generic “How?” or “Everything safe?”.
  • British Virgin Islanders are British Overseas Territories citizens and are also recognised as British citizens worldwide.
  • A large proportion of the country’s population practice Christianity with less reference to other religious practices.
  • The British Virgin Islands have a tropical rain forest climate.
  • The country has two seasons- the wet season runs from September to November while the dry season runs from February to March.
  • Hurricanes hits the country occasionally between June to November.
  • The country is known for its popular traditional music, Fungi which is also the name the popular local cornmeal dish. The music is identified as a special from the local fusion of African and European music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to travel to British Virgin Islands??

The British Virgin Islands is a relatively safe destination for tourists to visit. Regardless, visitors should exercise caution while visiting the country.

What continent does the British Virgin Islands belong to??

The British Virgin Islands belong to the North American Continent and it is part of the Caribbean region. The country is between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, the east of Puerto Rico.

Where is the most populated place in the country?

The largest town is Road Town, and Spanish Town is the second largest town which is bubbling with commercial and tourist activities.

Can I stay longer than my registered duration in BVI?

Stays can be extended at the discretion of the Chief Immigration Officer. You will be required to provide a proof of ongoing journey, sufficient means and pre-arranged accommodation for your processing.