Madagascar visa requirements for Thais

Travel and visa requirements

Malagasy Visa is not required for Thais

Stay Duration: 90 days

Entry Requirements

  • Madagascar is on the Eastern part of the African continent. The capital is named Antananarivo.
  • Thailand citizens are eligible to visit Madagascar as tourists but will acquire their visas on arrival. The tourist visa on arrival is being applied via the internet.
  • The maximum duration of stay in Madagascar is 90 days in a year. It is either 30 days per one entry or 60 days per one entry.
  • The required documents when applying for Madagascar tourist on-line visa are a valid passport, an e-mail address, a recent passport photograph and means of payment.
  • Tourists from Thailand can import and export Madagascar’s local currency up to MGA 400,000, and that of foreign currencies is unlimited, however, amounts exceeding the equivalent of EUR 7,500 must be declared.
  • Visitors from Malaysia are required to have a return or onward ticket and proof of enough funds to spend during their stay, which could be a recent bank statement.
  • Tourists traveling with pets must obtain an import permit for the pet prior to entering Madagascar and the pet must be vaccinated for rabies and various other diseases between 30 days and 12 months of entry.
  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate is not required when entering Madagascar. Visitors are advised to be vaccinated against common illnesses before travel.
  • Cathay Pacific, Kenya Airways, Malindo Air, Air Austral, Singapore Airlines, and  Air Mauritius are some of the carriers that fly from Thailand to Madagascar.
  • The average flight duration from Thailand to Madagascar is 8 hours 13 minutes, and the distance is 7,066 km.
  • Malagasy Ariary is the official currency used in Madagascar. However, visitors can exchange their foreign currency at various banks and exchange outlets in the country.
  • The climate of Madagascar is subtropical. It has two seasons, which are a hot and rainy season from November to April and a cool and dry season from May to October.
  • Little over 50% of the entire population of Madagascar practice indigenous religions. They worship a supreme being called Andriamanitra. However, Christians make up 41%, of the population.
  • Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Isalo National Park, Avenue of the Baobabs and Ranomafana National Park are some of the sites tourists can visit during their stay in Madagascar.
  • Tourists traveling to Madagascar are to budget about $48 to spend per day on expenses.
  • Malagasy and French serve as the two official and most spoken languages of Madagascar.
  • Visitors can move around Madagascar with buses, taxis, car rental.
  • Madagascar makes use of East Africa Time (GMT+3) with no Daylight Saving Time. Thailand is 4 hours ahead of Madagascar.
  • Foza sy hena-kisoa, Ramazava and Vary amid'anana are special delicacies enjoiyed in Madagascar.
  • The power and socket plug used in Madagascar is of Type C and E. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Madagascar tourist visa?
  • Visit the official website of Madagascar
  • Fill the application form on-line
  • Make your payment with credit card
  • Receive your e-visa documents through an e-mail.

What is the official language of Madagascar?

Madagascar is a francophone country which means French is its official language. There are other local languages spoken in the country too.

When is the best time to visit Madagascar?

Madagascar can be visited all year-round. The best time to visit Madagascar is between April to mid-December due to its wet season from late December through to March which sometimes involves cyclones.

Which credit card is accepted in Madagascar?

Visa credit cards are accepted at all places in the country. MasterCard can be used to withdraw at some ATMs but only a small number of outfits will accept payments with it.