Vanuatu visa requirements for Thais

Travel and visa requirements

Ni-Vanuatu Visa is not required for Thais

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • Vanuatu is a country made up of 80 Islands in the Australia/Oceania continent. The capital and the largest city in Vanuatu is Port Vila.
  • Thailand passport holders can visit Vanuatu for a period of 30 days without obtaining a visa.
  • Tourists from Thailand who wish to stay longer than the 30-day validity period are to apply and pay for an extension at the Offices of Immigration in Vanuatu.
  • Prospective visitors are required to have a passport valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond their date of arrival into Vanuatu. The passport should have at least two blank pages for visa stamping.
  • On entry and exit into Vanuatu, tourists with amounts above VUV 1,000,000 will be required to declare it.
  • A return ticket to Thailand or an onward destination is needed as well.
  • Thais traveling to Vanuatu must provide proof of a confirmed means of accommodation for their entire stay in Vanuatu. This could be in the form of a sponsor letter from a host living in the country or a hotel reservation.
  • Tourists must also show evidence of sufficient funds to sustain them during their stay in the country.
  • Visitors with pets (cats and dogs) require an import permit issued by the Vanuatu Quarantine and Inspection service as well as a veterinary certificate issued by a veterinarian in Thailand.
  • Solomon Airlines, Qantas, Aircalin, Air Niugini, and Fiji Airways are some of the airlines that fly from Malaysia to Vanuatu.
  • The average flight duration from Thailand to Vanuatu is 9 hours, 47 minutes and the distance is 8,034 km.
  • Christianity is the dominating religion in Vanuatu. However, other religions like Baha'i faith, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam are present in the country.
  • Vanuatu Vatu is the official currency used in Vanuatu. Visitors can various banks and exchange outlets in the country to exchange their foreign currencies.
  • Vanuatu has a tropical and sub-tropical climate. Summer can be hot, wet and humid, and it is from November to March, while winter is from April to October.
  • English, French, and Bislama are the three official languages of Vanuatu. However, Bislama, which is an English Creole is the most spoken language in the country.
  • Mt. Yasur Volcano, Port Villa, Luganville and Mt. Benbow, and Mt. Marum are some of the tourist sites in Vanuatu that tourists can visit.
  • Tourists are advised to budget about $60 to spend on daily expenses while in Vanuatu.
  • Special delicacies tourists can try while in Vanuatu are Flying fox, Wild pigeon, Santo beef and Poulet fish.
  • Vanuatu uses Vanuatu Standard Time (GMT+11). Vanuatu is 20 hours behind Thailand.
  • The power and socket plug used in Vanuatu is Type I. The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.
  • Movement in Vanuatu is possible with a pickup truck, bicycle, and small boats.
  • Visitors traveling to Vanuatu are expected to be courteous and conscious of existing rules and customs as they go about their tourism-related activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official language of Vanuatu?

English, French, and Bislama are the three official languages of Vanuatu. However, Bislama, which is an English Creole is the most spoken language in the country.

When is the best time to visit Vanuatu?

Thanks to Vanuatu's beautiful tropical climate, the weather is generally good all year round, however, conditions are at their best from April to October when temperatures are more conducive.

Do Thailand citizens need a visa to visit Vanuatu?

Nationals of Thailand do not need to obtain a visa to visit Vanuatu. Nevertheless, they need to have a passport valid for a period of six months beyond the date of exit from Vanuatu. The passport should have two blank pages.

Is Vanuatu safe for visiting?

Vanuatu is situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire and experiences relatively frequent earthquakes (some 2000 seismic events are recorded each year) and less frequent tsunamis. In terms of theft and personal crime, Vanuatu is very safe, but it pays to take precautions, especially in Port Vila.