Benin visa requirements for Togoleses

Travel and visa requirements

Beninese Visa is not required for Togoleses

Stay Duration: 90 days

Entry Requirements

  • Togolese intending to visit Benin can stay for a duration of 90 days without a visa.
  • Togolese intending to visit Benin must have a return/onward ticket.
  • Togolese intending to visit Benin are required to provide a passport with six months of validity and with at least two blank pages for stamps on arrival and departure.
  • Togolese intending to visit Benin are required to provide a proof of hotel accommodation, as well as an international certificate of vaccination.
  • Togolese intending to visit Benin are allowed an unlimited foreign currency import subject to declaration.
  • The climate in Benin is tropical with a dry season in winter and a rainy season due to the African monsoon, which runs from May to September in the extreme north and from mid-March to October in the south.
  • The currency spent in Benin is West African CFA franc. represent by (Fr).
  • The official language in Benin is French.
  • Benin uses 220V, 50Hz with sockets and plugs Type C and Type E.
  • Airline carriers to Benin includes; Air France, Royal Air Maroc, Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopia Airline, RwandAir, Tunisair and Brussels Airlines.
  • It takes 20 minutes to get to Benin from Togo.
  • The tourist centers in Benin republic includes; The Cathedral of Notre Dame of Miséricorde, Bohicon, Boukoumbe Town.
  • The time difference between Togo and Benin is an hour, Benin is ahead of Togo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Benin a poor country?

On the economic side, however, the picture is not bright, Benin is severely underdeveloped, and corruption is rife. While the country has experienced economic growth over the past few years and is one of Africa's largest cotton producers, it ranks among the world's poorest countries.

What is Benin famous for?

Under these obas Benin became a highly organized state. Its numerous craftsmen were organized into guilds, and the kingdom became famous for its ivory and wood carvers. Its brass smiths and bronze casters excelled at making naturalistic heads, bas-reliefs, and other sculptures.

What is the main religion of Benin?

According to the 2013 estimate by the government of Benin, the population of Benin is 27.7% Muslim, 25.5% Roman Catholic, 13.5% Protestant (which includes Celestial 6.7%, Methodist 3.4%, and other Protestant 3.4%), 11.6% Vodun, 9.5% of other Christian denominations, and 12.2% of others or none.

Is Benin dangerous?

Petty crime is common throughout Benin. Street robbery is a significant problem in Cotonou. Overland travel to Nigeria is dangerous near the Benin/Nigeria border due to unofficial checkpoints and highway banditry.

What is a person from Benin called?