Mozambique visa requirements for Togoleses

Travel and visa requirements

Mozambican Visa is not required for Togoleses

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • Togolese intending to visit Mozambique must first apply for an E-visa.
  • This online pre-visa can be granted by the Mozambique consulate in the applicant's home country.
  • On presentation of the pre-visa at the border checkpoint of Mozambique the traveller is then issued a visa on arrival.
  • This visa is valid for a maximum total stay of 30 days within a one-year period.
  • Alongside the printed confirmation that a visa will be issued upon arrival, the traveller must also have a return/onward ticket.
  • A proof of hotel accommodation is also needed, as well as an international certificate of vaccination.
  • Togolese intending to visit Mozambique are required to provide a passport with six months of validity and with atleast two blank pages for stamps on arrival and departure.
  • Togolese intending to visit Mozambique are allowed unlimited foreign currency import as long it’s declared on entry.
  • Visa costs $50

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mozambique a poor country?

Mozambique has made great strides in reducing poverty. But with nearly 50 percent of the population still living in poverty, progress has not been fast enough. What's more, poverty is concentrated in rural areas, and the regions of Zambezia, Sofala, Manica, and Gaza even saw an increase in poverty in the 2000s.

What is Mozambique best known for?

Mozambique is also famous for the quality of its fresh seafood. The Portuguese influence is felt in dishes such as Peri-Peri (hot and spicy) Prawns and Peri-Peri Chicken. Fantastic artwork the northern regions of Mozambique is famous for their crafts, including sculptures produced by the Makondo people.

Why is Mozambique a poor country?

Poverty has been a major challenge for Mozambique since independence in 1975, when the country was listed as one of the world's poorest. Even though the country has rich farmland in its northern regions and vast, untapped sources of coal and natural gas, Mozambique is suffering for a number of reasons.

Do they speak English in Mozambique?

Portuguese is the official language, although this is generally only spoken by the more educated amongst Mozambique’s population. Beside this, more than 60 different dialects of Bantu languages can be found in Mozambique. English is generally spoken in hotels and beach lodges.

What is the main religion of Mozambique?
According to the most recent census conducted by the National Institute of Statistics in 2007, 56.1% of the population of Mozambique were Christian, 17.9% were Muslim (mainly Sunni), 18.7% had no religion, and 7.3% adhered to other beliefs.