Nigeria visa requirements for Togoleses

Travel and visa requirements

Nigerian Visa is not required for Togoleses

Stay Duration: 90 days

Entry Requirements

  • Nigeria is a country located in the western part of Africa, with its capital city at Abuja.
  • Togolese citizens don't need visa for travelling to Nigeria as tourist.
  • Other documents needed on entry to Nigeria includes; Passport valid for at least 6 months, 2 recent passport size photographs, a letter of invitation from a company/host in Nigeria accepting immigration responsibility and tourists are required to show evidence of sufficient funds.
  • The recommended vaccinations on entering Nigeria includes; hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, polio, measles. 
  • The Nigerian currency is known as the Nigerian Naira.
  • The official language is English while other languages include; Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo.
  • Visitors exiting Nigeria or arriving in Nigeria is allowed to carry currency notes and coins not exceeding Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000) without declaration and if it is more, it should be subjected to declaration and prior approval of the Central Bank of Nigeria.
  • Nigeria has a tropical climate with variable rainy and dry seasons, depending on location.
  • There are two dominant religions practiced in Nigeria; Islam and Christianity while few of the citizens practice indigenous religions.
  • The socket types used in Nigeria is 230V, 50Hz with plugs Type D and Type G.
  • Tourist attraction centers in Nigeria includes; Ogbunike cave, Yankari Game Reserve, Erin Ijesha waterfall, Bar Beach, Agodi Gardens, Cross River Water Park.
  • Airlines operating in Nigeria includes; Air Peace, Arik Airline, Aero Contractors Airline, Azikel Air, Dana Air, Etihad Airways, RwandAir, First Nation Airways, South African Airways.
  • The time difference between Nigeria and Togo is 1 hour, Nigeria is ahead of Togo.
  •  Flight distance between Nigeria and Togo is 1 hour and 36 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the natural resources produced in Nigeria?

Apart from petroleum, Nigeria's other natural resources include natural gas, tin, iron ore, coal, limestone, niobium, lead, zinc and arable land.

Is Nigeria safe to visit?

Nigeria is safe to visit. Visitors can walk the streets without fear of abduction and with the basic travel alertness and safety precautions, you can let down your guard and explore the wonders of the country.

When is the best time to visit Nigeria?

The best time to go to Nigeria is during the Nov-Jan dry season. Although, the climate varies hugely by latitude and altitude.

Can I travel to Nigeria without a passport?

No, because visitors traveling to Nigeria must hold a valid passport and a visa to enter the country.