Lebanon visa requirements for Emiratis

Travel and visa requirements

Lebanese Visa is not required for Emiratis

Stay Duration: 180 days

Entry Requirements

  • United Arab Emirate citizens visiting Lebanon are not required to obtain a visa for a period of fewer than 180 days of stay.
  • At least one blank page on the passport of visitors is required for entry stamps
  • United Arab Emirate citizens are allowed entry into Lebanon without presenting any certificate of vaccination
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of money taken in and out of Lebanon
  • Passports of visitors must be valid for ninety days following entry with no Israeli stamps or visas.
  • All live animals must be accompanied by a valid health certificate that is issued by a veterinarian in the home country.
  • Citizens who are discovered to have associated with Israeli citizens or officials or to have travelled through Israel are subject to arrest, detention, and prosecution.
  • Lebanon uses Eastern European Summer Time zone (GMT+3), hence, United Arab Emirates is 2 hours ahead of Lebanon.
  • The estimated flight time from Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates to Qatar is 55 minutes.
  • Lebanon has a moderate Mediterranean climate. In coastal areas, winters are generally cool and rainy whilst summers are hot and humid.
  • Lebanon is the most religiously diverse country in the Middle East having a population of Muslims at 54%, Christians at 40.5%, Druze 5.6% with a very small number of Jews, Baha'is, Buddhists, Hindus and Mormons.
  • Arabic is the official national language of Lebanon together with French and English.
  • Lebanon has six ski resorts. Because of Lebanon's unique geography, it is possible to go skiing in the morning and swimming in the Mediterranean in the afternoon
  • Lebanon is known to celebrate national and both Christian and Muslim holidays
  • Music festivals are often hosted at historical sites as a customary element of Lebanese culture among the most famous are Baalbeck International Festival, Byblos International Festival, Beiteddine International Festival and Jounieh International Festival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lebanon a safe country?

Although Lebanon is one of the safest countries in the Middle East, travellers are still advised to be cautious during their stay in the country.

Can I drink alcohol in Lebanon?

There are no restrictions on alcohol in Lebanon except when you are driving. There are many drive-through bars, bistros, pubs and clubs.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Lebanon?

Though it is officially proclaimed safe to drink water in Lebanon, many Lebanese will not drink tap water and opt to take bottled water instead.