Saudi Arabia visa requirements for Emiratis

Travel and visa requirements

Saudi Arabian Visa is not required for Emiratis

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • United Arab Emirate citizens can travel to Saudi Arabia without applying or obtaining a visa for a variable period of time depending on the decision of the embassy.
  • A minimum of six months’ validity beyond the date of travel is recommended for the passport of visitors entering the United Arab Emirate.
  • Currencies of more than 16,000 US Dollars equivalent must be declared upon entry and exit from the country.
  • Accompanied by a Mahram who should be one of their immediate family members such as a father, brother, husband or son.
  • Housemaids or wives, travelling either unaccompanied or to join their husbands, must be met at the airport by a sponsor or husband and must have confirmed onward reservations up to their final destination in Saudi Arabia.
  • All pilgrims entering Saudi Arabia must have return tickets with confirmed reservations
  •  Travellers must have onward or return tickets and all documents required for their next trip.
  •  Importation of cats requires two veterinary health certificates and a certificate of vaccination against rabies, stating that vaccination has been given between 12 months and 30 days before arrival.
  • An Airport Tax of SAR 50 is imposed on travellers departing from Saudi Arabia.
  • Hajj or Umrah Pilgrims arriving in Jeddah to hold a meningitis vaccination certificate that should be no more than 3 years and not less than 10 days from the date of arrival in Saudi Arabia. 
  • A Pilgrim arriving without the necessary health documents will either be quarantined or vaccinated at the airport (free of charge).
  • All pilgrims must wear an identity card fixed on a wrist band and containing information about their health condition.
  • It is strongly recommended not to have passports containing any Israeli visa or stamp when entering or transiting Saudi Arabia
  • Foodstuffs brought by pilgrims are not permitted entry into Saudi Arabia.
  • Saudi Arabia uses the Arabian Standard Time, hence, United Arab Emirates is 1 hour ahead of Saudi Arabia.
  • The estimated flight time from Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates to Saudi Arabia is 1 hour, 41 minutes
  • Saudi Arabia also has one of the world's youngest populations; 50 per cent of its 33.4 million people are under 25 years old.
  • Saudi Arabia is the only nation with both a Red Sea coast and a Persian Gulf coast, and most of its terrain consists of arid desert, lowland and mountains
  • Saudi Arabia is sometimes called "the Land of the Two Holy Mosques" in reference to Mecca and Medina the two holiest places in Islam. 
  • The state's official language is Arabic. The three main regional variants spoken by Saudis are Hejazi Arabic, Nadji Arabic and Gulf Arabic.
  • water supply and sanitation in Saudi Arabia is characterized by significant investments in seawater desalination, water distribution, sewerage and wastewater treatment.
  • most tourism in Saudi Arabia still largely involves religious pilgrimages, The Hejazi region, where the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina are located, is the destination of the Hajj pilgrimage.
  • The Islamic dietary laws are enforced in Saudi Arabia and as such, pork is not allowed and other animals are slaughtered in accordance with Halal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to visit Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Saudi Arabia is safe for tourists. As with travel to any other country in the world, be respectful of local rules and customs, be mindful of your surroundings, and carry out due diligence before traveling.

What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

Riyadh city is the capital of Saudi Arabia. The city's name is derived from the plural of the Arabic rawḍah, meaning gardens or meadows, so named for natural fertility provided by its location at the juncture of Wadis Ḥanīfah and Al-Baṭḥāʾ.

Can I drink alcohol in Saudi-Arabia?

Alcohol is completely banned in Saudi Arabia. This includes consuming, importing, brewing and selling alcohol. Officially, there is no way that you are able to get hold of alcohol in Saudi Arabia. It has been reported that people have even been arrested for just smelling like alcohol.