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About Zambia

Zambia is a country in South Central Africa that shares no borders with the sea. It is mostly flat land, rich in diverse wildlife, vast open spaces, and huge water bodies. The capital of Zambia is Lusaka, one of Africa's fastest growing cities.

Her weather is relatively comfortable with three recognized seasons; the warm wet season (November to April), the cool dry season (May to August) and the hot dry season (September to October). It is best to visit Zambia in the cool dry season. Visitors may dress lightly but protectively to keep the sun rays and mosquitoes away.

Zambia is home to three major rivers, several smaller rivers, substantial tributaries, and several vast lakes. The three major rivers are the famous Zambezi river, the Luangwa river and the Kafue river. The country boasts a wide assortment of wildlife housed in its national parks, reserves, and safaris. Zambia also has a wide variety of bird species.

Zambians are a warm, welcoming, hospitable people spanning across 72 ethnic groups. The main tribes in Zambia are the Lozi, the Tonga, the Ngoni, the Bemba, the Kaonde and the Luvale. For a people with such ethnic diversity, however, Zambia records very little tribal animosity.

The commonplace food in Zambia is Maize which is used to prepare meals like Nshima; a national dish of pounded white maize. Given how diverse the people are, the culture is also diverse. Zambia is a Christian country with undertones of Traditional worship.

Zambia, being a huge hub of nature has several fascinating places. Some of them are:
  • The Victoria Falls: The falls has been described as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world. The Falls is shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe and is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. The best time to visit the Falls is between July and September.
  • The South Luangwa National Park: This is arguably the park that offers the best walking safari experience of wildlife in the world. It is home to a number of wild animals such as hippos, leopards, buffalo, elephants, giraffe, antelopes and diverse species of birds.
  • Siavonga- This town is one of the premier holidaying spots in Zambia and offers a range of excellent hotels and beautiful scenery.

Other interesting tourist attractions are the Kafue National Park, the Lake Kariba, the Lower Zambezi river and any of the numerous national parks there are in Zambia.

Accommodation in Zambia ranges from hotels to lodges to guesthouses. Accommodation is usually standard, comfortable and even luxurious.

A fascinating fact about Zambia is that about 30% of her 752,614 square meters is reserved for wildlife. There are 20 national parks in Zambia.