Kiribati visa requirements for Zimbabweans

Travel and visa requirements

I-Kiribati Visa is not required for Zimbabweans

Stay Duration: 30 days

Entry Requirements

  • Nationals of Zimbabwe can travel to Kiribati for a duration of 30 days without the need for a visa.
  • Tourists who intend to stay longer than the 30-day validity period can apply for an extension at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration in Kiribati.
  • Prospective visitors must have a passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry into Kiribati. The passport should have at least one blank page for visa stamping.
  • Visitors from Zimbabwe below the age of 18 hoping to travel to Kiribati must either be accompanied by parent or guardian or apply for the unaccompanied minors form.
  • Zimbabwe citizens are required to have a return or onward ticket as well as evidence of enough funds to spend during their stay in Kiribati, which can be a recent bank statement.
  • In Kiribati, currency restriction on entry is set at 5000 AUD.
  • Travellers are required to provide a confirmation of accommodation during their stay in Kiribati.
  • Intending visitors can get to Kiribati from any international airport in Zimbabwe. There are international airports in Harare and Bulawayo.
  • Kenya Airways, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Fiji Airways are some of the airlines that steadily fly from Zimbabwe to Kiribati.
  • The estimated flight time from Harare to Tarawa, Kiribati is 1 day, 12 hours as well as from Bulawayo.
  • Kiribati has a hot, humid tropical climate, with two different seasons. The dry seasons begins from December to February and from June to mid-September, on the other hand, the rainy seasons last from February to end May, and from September to end November.
  • Kiribati has two official currencies: Kiribati dollar and the Australian dollar. Visitors can exchange their foreign currencies at banks and other exchange outlets in the country.
  • Majority of the population of Kiribati speak Kiribati, which is also known as Gilbertese. However, the official language in the country is English.
  • The power socket and plug types in Kiribati, which are type I. The standard supply voltage is 240 V, with a standard frequency of 50 Hz.
  • Tourists travelling to Kiribati are advised to budget about $200 to spend per day on expenses.
  • Kiribati uses the Gilbert Islands Time (GMT+12), which puts it 10 hours ahead of Zimbabwe.
  • Almost all the population of Kiribati are Christians, precisely Roman Catholics and the Kiribati uniting church. Citizens with no religion make up the minority.
  • Tabuaeran, Banana Island and Betio are some of the tourist destinations in Kiribati.
  • Getting around in Kiribati can be made possible by buses, taxis, and car rental.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kiribati safe for tourist visit?

Kiribati is generally a safe place to travel to, although, it may be risky to be out late at night in some areas. Tourists are advised to be cautious while in the country.

When is the best time to visit Kiribati?

The best time to visit Kiribati is from May to November, precisely September to November, which is the least rainy period of the year.

How populous is Kiribati?

Kiribati is the 11th largest Oceanian country by population (120,100). The top 10 Oceanian countries by population are Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia (France), French Polynesia (France), Samoa, and Guam (US).

Does Kiribati have an airport?

Bonriki International Airport is an international airport in Kiribati, serving as the main gateway to the country. It is located in its capital, South Tarawa, which is a group of islets in the atoll of Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands.